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One week had passed since a Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl win served as Houstons biggest bowl celebration in 35 years and doubled as the Cougars declaration as a future playoff revolutionary. Giants Jerseys Store .Tom Herman, who days earlier stood overwhelmed atop a Georgia Dome stage, was clearing space. Not for two sterling trophies but for his family. The first-time head coach who went 13-1 in his inaugural season was cleaning his garage.The luster of a conference championship and New Years Six trophy for Houston didnt wear off after a week. It was wiped clean. It was time for Hermans 2016 to to-do list, which constituted a Saturday of housework.Winning the Peach Bowl does not help you at all with what youre trying to accomplish in 2016, Herman said. Youve probably heard we dont wear any Peach Bowl gear during team activities, we dont say the words.Its a formula adopted from Urban Meyer. If Meyers ketchup, Herman is catsup. The recipe is the same, just a repackaged style. With a clean garage, next on Hermans to-do list was to touch base with Meyer.Want to win a national championship in Year 2? Meyer has the blueprint, and it was Meyer who helped launch Hermans nascent coaching career with a three-year apprenticeship at Ohio State.At two of Meyers past three stops, Year 2 consisted of an undefeated regular season. The other was a national championship year. There have been three BCS bowls, and while Boise State and TCU are memorialized as the BCS busters, first there was Meyers 2004 Utah team.Now, Herman is hoping to similarly chart a landscape undefined for the Group of 5. In his second season at Houston, Herman has positioned the Cougars as a viable preseason playoff contender. In the first two years of the playoff, only one Group of 5 team has been ranked preseason: No. 23 Boise State in 2015.[Meyers] Year 2s are phenomenal, Herman said.Herman hopes to duplicate it, and there are striking similarities between how Meyer started his programs with what Herman is doing at Houston.1. Break entitlementMeyer blueprint:Wide receiver Dallas Baker enrolled at Florida in 2003 under Ron Zook but lived off past Florida glory. A nose-diving program still held itself in the same esteem as the SEC powerhouse of the 1990s.We were losing but still living the life. We were living off stuff that Steve Spurrier did, Baker said. That first [Meyer] year, 2005, was about breaking entitlement. Coach Meyer said the school owes you nothing.So Meyers first offseason consisted of midnight and weekend workouts to assess the players dedication to the program and one another. Stripped of their gear and given tattered workout clothes, players were shipped to nearby Lake Alice to carry weighted milk jugs the length of the field. Lifting logs, army crawls and sledgehammer slams followed as the rest of campus enjoyed the temperate winter weather.It taught us not to give up, no matter how hard, Baker said. It was about dedicating our time to one another.Herman model:Herman stripped Houston of any sense of comfort in his first offseason. Players had to earn the right to display the Houston insignia. The locker room was chained shut, and what followed were a series of consecutive pre-dawn workouts.Earn a place on the team, Herman demanded, and build equity with the staff.He told us that first-meeting things will be a meritocracy, senior defensive end Cameron Malveaux said. You get what you earn, all the way to the workout gear.... That first offseason, he was trying to make us realize he was the real deal. We did a lot of things to break you physically and mentally. Of course we had a couple teammates back out, weeded out.2. Change practice habitsMeyer blueprint:In the moments leading up to the 2006 national championship game, Meyer and Baker argued over the intricacies of a route. Early in the first quarter, a pass to Baker went for a touchdown rather than a costly red zone interception.There is no detail overlooked during practices with Meyer. No skills are taken for granted. Basics are perfected.Not taking anything away from Coach Zook because he coached at Florida in the early 90s and knows Florida football, but he wasnt about hitting on fundamentals. We didnt hit on them. It was supposed to be expected, Baker said. It was about bringing the juice like Florida had with Coach Spurrier. When Coach Meyer came, it was about competing, learning how to run, basically taking a robot apart and putting it back together.Once Meyer built them back up, he put his players through the most physically taxing practices. He would set up the offense against the defense first-and-goal from the 1-yard line, and the loser had to run sprints. It fostered such a competitive environment that fights would sometimes break out, creating an edge which former players said the coach liked.My second year in the NFL, I went back to Florida and how intense it was, in the NFL you didnt practice nearly as hard or strenuous, 2006 linebacker Brandon Siler said. It comes from the tempo and amount of stress he puts on competition.Herman method:At Houston, dont dare walk onto the practice field with even a slight deviance from the equipment that players were asked to wear. Dont finish a route even a half-inch past its intended point.That tremendous attention to detail came from Urban, said Houston co-defensive coordinator Craig Naivar.After beating Vanderbilt last season, Herman offered a break from those heavily scrutinized practices. He asked his players whether they wanted a light day early next week. Theyd watch film instead of slopping in the downpour outside.They declined.And this spring, Houston suffered through more live hitting in practice than ever before. Malveaux estimates there were far more than 1,000 live repetitions, exceeding any previous spring.It was a feel for hard-nosed football, he said. The main thing is we have to impose our will on teams.3. Proper alignmentMeyer blueprint:Alignment is a word rooted in Meyers programs, and it doesnt always take hold in the first year. Not much changes in Year 2 to spark a championship run, but after a full year, theres an alignment within the program. Its an all-encompassing term stretching to every corner of the program.In Year 1, I dont care where you go. Youre trying as best you can to get as much buy-in, but theres never 100 percent. There cant be. Guys have been involved in another program, said Steve Addazio, who is the coach for Boston College and former Meyer assistant. In Year 2, everyone knows the offseason program, understands accountability, bought into the principles, the way we practice, run Fridays, train. Everyone is in alignment.Thats really what it is. I know it intimately. Theres nothing else thats different.Herman model:At Houston, everyone in the building is aligned. It starts with Herman and extends to his coaching, strength, academic, equipment and nutrition staff.Everyone that plays a role in the development of the student-athletes all have the same messages, beliefs and passion, Naivar said.The players, who thought they were signing with an ascending program that reached No. 6 in 2011, were ready to buy in to a new program. Arriving on the heels of a national title, Herman already held clout. A Week 2 win at Louisville and fast start had the entire roster on board.You can tell hes trying to be like Coach Meyer, said Baker, who has met Herman. He talks and its like Thats something Coach Meyer would say. It helps recruit and get the most out of guys. Coach Meyer makes you feel like you could run through a wall, and Herman does the same.4. Develop a QBMeyer blueprint:?Meyer inherited Alex Smith, Chris Leak and Braxton Miller in his past three coaching jobs. Smith was a future No. 1 pick. Leak was Rivals No. 2 quarterback in the 2003 recruiting class. And Miller was the Big Ten Freshman of the Year when Meyer arrived.You dont win in college football if you dont have a trigger man, Addazio said. The quarterback is so critically important at any level of football; having the right guy with the right it factor and right chemistry is critical. Youre in a foot race to find that guy, and teams with those guys usually have success.In their second years under Meyer, Leak, Miller and Smith all completed at least 63.5 percent of their passes and combined to throw for 7,988 yards, 79 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. They rushed for another 1,729 yards.Herman method:Greg Ward Jr. was a part-time receiver and returner in 2013, but Herman identified him as the future at quarterback. In Hermans first season, he developed Ward into an All-AAC selection and the conferences top big-play threat. Only Ward and Deshaun Watson threw for more than 2,000 yards and rushed for more than 1,000 in 2015.Of the BCS busters and 2014 Fiesta Bowl winner Boise State, only two teams returned their signal-caller the following year: 2010 TCU (Andy Dalton; went 13-0 and won the Rose Bowl) and 2010 Boise State (Kellen Moore; 12-1 and lost as the No. 4-ranked team in overtime).5. Family atmosphereMeyer blueprint:Every Thursday during the season, the coaches wives and kids met the players as they walked off the practice field. Hugs, high fives and candy awaited the Gators after a final practice before a Friday walk-through and Saturdays game.Coaches and players families joined the team for dinner on Thursdays. A player could invite anyone from his family. Meyer wanted to foster an iron-clad link among his team.It continued Friday during walk-through with 20 minutes of free time. Linemen, never in favor of much running, played touch football on a truncated field. Skill players shuffled through games of hot potato.The camaraderie carried over to the field.When youre around people more, you form a bond. You understand what now makes a guy tick, Siler said. My defensive linemen, theyre lazy in their natural state. If you challenge them, though, theyre huffing it and killing it. So I knew what made them go, and if I didnt, Ive never be able to get them to move.Herman model:How Meyers Fridays began are how Hermans end. The last part of practice might turn into a Wiffle ball game. The defensive backs will take part of the field and bring out the ball and bat in what turns out to be a competitive affair.Then theres a team meal and chapel service before players, coaches and families are shuttled into a big room on the eve of game day. There are movies, video games, TVs, cards and dominoes to occupy time. No one can leave until late into the evening.Everyone is in that team setting, and theyre there until 9 or 10 oclock, Naivar said.6. Motivate/avoid complacency in Year 2Meyer blueprint:Fans were upset, taking to sports radio to voice their anger. Meyer, in his second season after a 9-3 first year, was keeping players from dressing in the locker room. It was an unacceptable stunt at Florida, according to fans who grumbled on a local station that players listened to occasionally.The summer of 2006, players were removed from the home team dressing room, and invites back came only a few at a time.Everybody said theyd do whatever it takes to get back in there, Baker said.The team, which finished No. 12 in 2005, fell prey to the ploy. There was a motivation and edge created just before the 2006 season. Any lingering complacency ceased among the team.In the spring, Herman called Meyer about avoiding complacency, and so Meyer cited another coach he is close with to help relay his message.Its an adage that Ive heard [Bill] Belichick and great coaches say: guys wake up on third base, but they never hit the triple. Thats a pretty good way of thinking about it, Meyer said. [Herman has] got guys walking into the program, guys who are going to play for him who have had nothing to do with nothing and theyre getting patted on the back. You guys beat Florida State. Yeah, but they had nothing to do with it. That happens when you have success.Herman model:A two-touchdown win over Florida State in the Peach Bowl should give Houston preseason credibility, which Herman believes will make it easier to potentially crash the Power 5 playoff party. But Herman wants this Houston roster to move past its rockin New Years Eve in Atlanta.I wanted to pick [Meyers] brain a little bit on the fine line of referring to those examples and teaching moments from last year without living in the past. What he told me was that Its absolutely OK to celebrate the examples and the process, but you certainly never want to dwell on the result, Herman said. You dont want to sit there and gloat about how fun it was to stand on the stage in the Georgia Dome or out here in our stadium when we won the conference championship.So no pats on the back this offseason from Herman. Its question marks instead. Peach Bowl gear was traded in for shirts bearing a large question mark on the back.People say we have hype, but that was last years team and not this one, Malveaux said. That team won the Peach Bowl. This is a whole other team.Exhaustive Big 12 expansion discussions doubled as motivation for the Cougars.The outside world thinks were a fluke, Naivar said. The conference expansion and whos worthy and whos not, our kids dont care and will play in a Wal-Mart parking lot. When people talk down to them because theyre not in the Big 12 or SEC, they get a chip on their shoulder.Meyer protégés have spent weeks at No. 1, finished No. 2 and won major bowls and coach of the year awards. None have won a national championship.Herman is aiming to be the first, relying on Meyers blueprint to do it. He called his three years under Meyer like head-coaching school, and now Herman is looking to duplicate Meyers Year 2 successes.Hes a smart guy, Meyer said. Hes obviously done a great job. Giants Stitched Jerseys . There are some early surprises in the race for the Hart Trophy, but two of the contenders are the leagues biggest stars over the past decade. There are many more players in contention for the awards than just the three that Ive named, and a good or bad week can easily alter the landscape, but through the first 20 or so games of the NHL season, this is how the awards races look to me. Cheap Giants Jerseys . This should be celebrated because it will not always be this way. With the amount of money given to players by their clubs these days, it is a wonder that so many of those teams allow the sport to continue to take away many of their assets so they can play for a different team in the middle of their season. . Varlamov made 33 saves and Ryan OReilly had a goal and scored in the shootout as the Avalanche beat the New Jersey Devils 2-1 on Thursday night. Former Middlesex and Sussex batsman Toby Radford has been hired by the WICB as the batting coach for the UAE tour. Radford will join the West Indies squad, which has already reached the UAE, where they will play three T20Is, three ODIs, and three Test matches against Pakistan from September 23.He has been contracted just for this series, WICB CEO Michael Muirhead said. He knows the youngsters well and had done well especially with them. Asked whether Radford could retain a long-term position, Muirhead said: Highly unlikely. Well engage as and when we need him.Radfords appointment is a surprising development considering earlier this week the Welshman had quit as manager of the national academy in Ireland citing family reasons. Wholesale Giants Jerseys. Incidentally Radford had taken the role at Cricket Ireland only in July, having left his job as head coach at Glamorgan last December with one year remaining in his contract.Radford is well acquainted with West Indies cricket and most of its players having worked as assistant coach (batting) during Ottis Gibsons tenure as coach when West Indies won the World T20 for the first time in 2012. Radford will assist Henderson Springer, who has been appointed caretaker coach after the WICB sacked Phil Simmons earlier this week. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
EAST RUTHERFORD, N. Cheap Nuggets Jerseys .J. -- See you again in five weeks, Tom Brady.With a four-game suspension for his role in the Deflategate scandal beginning in just a few days, Brady had an NFL going-away party Thursday night, playing the first half in the New England Patriots preseason finale against the New York Giants.Brady completed 16 of 26 passes for 166 yards, a touchdown and an interception as the Patriots (3-1) missed out a perfect preseason in a 17-9 loss to the Giants (2-2).I was happy I was able to play as much as I did, Brady said. It was a good opportunity to get out there and play. We did a decent job of moving the ball, but we turned it over too many times.Brady showed flashes in his second preseason game of the season. He completed five passes between 16 and 38 yards, but only one drive resulted in a score, a 7-yard TD toss to Keshawn Martin. Two others, including one in the red zone, were ended by lost fumbles. His sixth and final series was a knee at the half.The two-time NFL MVP begins a four-game suspension Saturday for his role in the use of deflated footballs in the 2014 AFC championship game. He wont be eligible to rejoin the active roster until Oct. 3, leaving the team in the hands of Jimmy Garoppolo.I havent thought about it much, Brady said. I always take it as it comes and do the best that I could do.New England opens the season on Sept. 11 at Arizona. The Giants are at Dallas.Bradys absence will mark the first regular-season games hes missed since 2008, when he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee in the season opener.Ryan Nassib threw a 59-yard touchdown pass to Tavarres King for the Giants and set up Randy Bullocks 25-yard field goal. Logan Thomas tossed a 17-yard fourth quarter TD to Roger Lewis Jr. after New England got a 32-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski earlier in the quarter, cutting the lead to 10-9.A three-time Super Bowl MVP, Brady was sharpest on his fourth series, leading the team on a nine-play, 77-yard drive. He hit 6 of 7 passes and scrambled for 10 yards on the march, but had to throw the ball away on a 2-point conversion pass.Brady had New England at the Giants 19 on the next series before running back D.J. Foster fumbled a screen pass.Unlike many of the players, Brady had nothing to prove in this game. He spent the final half sitting on the bench.The last time Brady played in a preseason finale was 2014, when he held for an extra point just to see if he can do it. His last start in a preseason finale was in 2011, a year the Patriots went to the Super Bowl -- and lost to the Giants.Brady is not allowed to have contact with the Patriots or utilize team facilities during his suspension.SITTING OUTPatriots: Garoppolo, Rob Ninkovich, Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, Jabaal Sheard, Jonathan Cooper.Giants: Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Olivier Vernon, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damon Harrison, Johnathan Hankins, Janoris Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Weston Richburg.ROOKIE WATCH:Patriots: Third-round draft pick Joe Thuney started all four preseason game at left guard.Giants: Free-agent defensive end Romeo Okwara sacked Brady in the first half.QB COMPARISONPatriots: Jacoby Brissett was 11 of 18 for 123 yards in the second half.Giants: Nassib was 16 of 29 for 210 yards, including his third TD toss to King in the last two weeks, and one interception. Thomas was 3 of 5 for 39 yards and a touchdown.POSITION BATTLESPatriots: Recently acquired LB Barkevious Mingo was active in his Patriots debut, making five solo tackles, one assisted and two quarterback hurries.Giants: King, who was on the practice squad last year, should have a roster spot locked up after catching four passes for 80 yards and his third TD of the preseason.INJURY UPDATE:Patriots: WR Devin Lucien left in the second half after making a catch and getting hit in the back by Mark Herzlich.Giants: None reported.QUOTABLE:Patriots: Its tough, but hes a guy you know will be able to handle it and keep finding ways to improve, safety Devin McCourty said of Brady. Hes the oldest guy on our team, our best player. I know hes going to do everything and as a team, were going to do everything we have to do to go out there and win. It will be exciting and, obviously, we cant wait for his return. For now, we have to go out there and play the way that he motivates us, and the way he leads us to play. Guys just got to step up.Giants: I think they responded well, playing chess with one of the best in the history of the game, coach Ben McAdoo said of his defense playing against Brady. They responded, got a couple of turnovers and helped us out.---AP NFL website: and Authentic Nuggets Jerseys . -- The Missouri Tigers might not have a roster full of superstars. Nuggets Jerseys From China . -- Patrick Reed got an early start in golf. . Ashley Youngs cross was inadvertently headed by Chester into his own net in the 66th minute, allowing United to claim a third straight league win. "We had to dig deep with our fighting spirit and weve done that," United striker Wayne Rooney said. The SEC Office on Monday announced the start times and television networks that will televise its games of October 29.The schedule for the eighth weekend of the regular season is comprised of four conference games and two non-conference games.The weekly SEC Network triple-header will feature Kentucky at Missouri, Samford at Mississippi State and either Auburn at Ole Miss or Tennessee at South Carolina.SEC Football Television Schedule for October 29, 2016DateTime (ET)GameNetworkSat., Oct. 2912 p.m.Kentucky atMissoouriSEC NetworkSat. Wholesale Nuggets Jerseys. Oct. 293:30 p.m.Florida vs.GeorgiaCBSSat., Oct. 293:30 p.m.Samford atMississippi StateSEC NetworkSat., Oct. 29*7:15 p.m.Auburn atOle MissESPN or ESPN2 or SEC NetworkSat., Oct. 29*7:15 p.m.Tennessee atSouth CarolinaESPN or ESPN2 or SEC NetworkSat., Oct. 297:30 p.mNew Mexico State atTexas A&MESPNU*denotes network to be determined after games of October 22 Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
LOUDON, N. Pink Saints Jerseys .H. -- Stuck in a hospital bed, Brian Vickers wanted to live another day. Once he recovered, he hungered for a competitive ride. And once he landed a solid seat, well, Vickers simply had to win. Even when life tossed obstacles in Vickers path, his determined spirit never waned. After four years of health scares and unemployment put his promising career in doubt, Vickers kept pushing toward the finish line. He got there Sunday as the surprise winner at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "Coming here and sitting in Victory Lane, just makes it one of the most special events in my life," Vickers said. He had plenty of drivers in the series pulling for this comeback. One by one, they saluted Vickers with a wave from the car or a back slap on the way to Victory Lane. Close friend Jimmie Johnson, a five-time Cup champion, pumped his fist out the window in pure happiness as if hed won a sixth title. Vickers did all he could to savour the unforgettable scene. "When you have so much love and support around you," Vickers said, "it makes all the difference in the world." Vickers even tried to celebrate with the fans, though the New Hampshire gates wouldnt open to the grandstands. Thats OK. He had a pretty big mob waiting for him -- even his fiancee, who had left the track to catch a ride home, only to reverse course and make it back just in time to greet him. About the only key cog missing was owner Michael Waltrip. Waltrip and co-owner Rob Kauffman were in Europe this weekend for the 20th annual Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. London, Loudon. Off by a letter. Vickers drives a part-time schedule for Michael Waltrip Racing and shares the No. 55 Toyota with Waltrip and Mark Martin. His win made him the No. 1 contender for a full-time ride at MWR in 2014. "Wins help a lot of business issues. So this was a great day for that," MWR general manager Ty Norris said. "Hes been our focus. We would love to have him in that car." Vickers snapped a 75-race winless streak and hadnt won since the August 2009 race at Michigan. He won his first career Cup race in August 2006 at Talladega Superspeedway. Vickers made the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship in 2009, only to be sidelined most of the next season with blood clots. He had two procedures to close a hole in his heart and insert a stent into a vein in his left leg. After Red Bull Racing shut down after the 2011 season, Vickers hooked on with a limited ride with MWR. He has been driving full-time this season in the Nationwide Series for Joe Gibbs Racing. With his first checkered flag since his return, he is done looking back. "Thats why I came back," he said. "For whats to be, not whats happened." Kyle Busch was second and Jeff Burton third. Pole winner Brad Keselowski was fourth and Aric Almirola fifth. Jimmie Johnson brushed off his 43rd-place start to finish sixth. Tony Stewart was running inside the top 10 at the final caution until he ran out of fuel and plummeted to 26th. "Its hard to calculate how much we are saving on the cautions," Stewart said. "We thought we were about three-quarters of a lap to the good before that last caution. Obviously, we didnt save as much as I thought we would." Busch and Vickers finished 1-2 in Saturdays Nationwide Series race. Both drivers had to stretch their fuel, and Vickers ran out just as he crossed the finish line. He was in a similar spot again down the stretch a race later. He had just enough to zip past Stewart with 13 laps left and then pull away in the green-white-checkered finish. He didnt run out until it was time for the celebratory burnout. Stewart wasnt so lucky a week after he finished second at Daytona. Johnson, who won at Daytona, was mired in last place for the first time in his career after his No. 48 Chevrolet flunked post-qualifying inspection. No big deal. The points leader made quick work through the back of the field and worked his way up to the front for most of the race. He easily breezed past 71-year-old Morgan Shepherd, the oldest driver to start a race in NASCARs Sprint Cup series. Kurt Busch led a race-high 102 laps before he connected with Ryan Newman to end his shot at his first victory of the season. Off the restart, Danica Patrick was involved in a three-car wreck that included boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. "Were all bunched up on those restarts," Patrick said. "Im not sure if I misjudged the breaking zone or they stopped really quick in front of me." Vickers survived it all to win for the third time in 271 Sprint Cup races. He thanked the MWR team for "believing in me and giving me a second chance." But he wants more. He received the clean bill of health, the ride and the victory. With a full 36-race schedule, Vickers said there is one more check he needs to put in his box. "I feel like I can win a championship with this team," he said. "Thats our goal." Black Saints Jerseys .C. -- Rodney Hood connected from all over the court while freshman Jabari Parker was busy swatting shots and scoring in transition. Elite Saints Jerseys .500 on the season. The Jets are now 0-5-1 in the second game of back-to-backs. The game started the same way the Vancouver game started the night before, with the Jets taking the first two penalties of the game and killing off the first, but the Oilers getting on the board first, scoring on the second man-advantage. . This should be celebrated because it will not always be this way. With the amount of money given to players by their clubs these days, it is a wonder that so many of those teams allow the sport to continue to take away many of their assets so they can play for a different team in the middle of their season. Sixteen assistant coaches in 2015 will be starting their first full seasons as FBS head coaches, with seven of them landing jobs in Power Five conferences.The highest-profile moves had former Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart going to Georgia, former Michigan DC D.J. Durkin taking over at Maryland and former Ohio State DC Chris Ash getting hired at Rutgers.Wholl become head coaches after this season?Heres a look, in alphabetical order, at some assistants who appear to have what it takes to run their own programs:---Dave Aranda, defensive coordinator, LSULes Miles hired Aranda away from Wisconsin, where the 39-year-old oversaw a Badgers defense that ranked among the top five nationally in four major categories over the last three years. Before moving to Wisconsin, he coordinated one of the countrys top defenses at Utah State.Arandas greatest strength is his ability to relate to his players. He has a knack for making hard-to-digest concepts easy to understand, and then he turns his charges loose to make plays.---Geoff Collins, defensive coordinator, FloridaHis name was connected to the UCF opening, and hell be in the mix other places if the Gators defense is as good as it was last year.Florida was so impressed with Collins in his first year under Jim McElwain that he received a $300,000 raise, to more than $1 million. Hell get a $150K retention bonus if hes still in Gainesville come February.Collins is a top-notch recruiter, and he has had an impressive career track that has taken him to Georgia Tech, Alabama, UCF, Florida International and Mississippi State.---Tee Martin, offensive coordinator, Southern CaliforniaThe 38-year-old Martin is a phenomenal recruiter whose career has been on a steady ascent. He joined the Trojans staff in 2012 as receivers coach, became pass game coordinator in 2014 and was named offensive coordinator at the end of last season.As receivers coach, a position he still holds, Martin has tutored Biletnikoff Award winner Marqise Lee, Robert Woods, Nelson Agholor and JuJu Smith-Schuster.Martin knows how to win, too. He was Peyton Mannings backup for two years at Tennessee and led the Volunteers to a 13-0 record and national championship as a junior in 1998.---Lincoln Riley, offensive coordinator, OklahomaRiley iis as accomplished as any 32-year-old could hope to be in this profession. Camo Saints Jerseys. He won the 2015 Broyles Award as the nations top assistant coach, and his Baker Mayfield-led Air Raid offense was nearly unstoppable as the Sooners made the College Football Playoff.Riley was linked to head coaching jobs, including South Carolina, and OU extended his contract through 2018 and gave him a raise from $500,000 to $900,000 a year. No matter. It wont be long before the native of Muleshoe, Texas, moves on and up.---Mike Sanford, offensive coordinator, Notre DameSanford was linked to the Syracuse opening last November, and Irish coach Brian Kelly knows his 33-year-old offensive coordinator will be lured away sooner than later.Sanford proved his mettle after he lost RB Tarean Folston and QB Malik Zaire to injuries early last season. Sanford molded DeShone Kizer into an effective replacement for Zaire.Sanfords star began rising during two stints at Stanford, under Jim Harbaugh and David Shaw, and hes got good blood lines. His father, Mike Sr., is a longtime assistant and head coach in the college ranks.---Brent Venables, defensive coordinator, ClemsonThe 45-year-old Venables name has been floated for openings over the years, and its a surprise hes still waiting for his opportunity. He may or may not be the guy Kansas State turns to when his mentor, Bill Snyder, decides to retire for good.Venables turns out some of the nations best defenses year-in and year-out, and hes an excellent recruiter. In his 20 years as a full-time assistant, his teams have gone to 20 bowl games and have won 10 or more games in 15 seasons. Hes got a good thing going at Clemson, and with a $1.4 million salary, he can afford to be choosy.---Six other assistants to keep an eye on: Josh Conklin, defensive coordinator, Pittsburgh; Jimmy Lake, co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach, Washington; Danny Langsdorf, offensive coordinator, Nebraska; Todd Orlando, defensive coordinator, Houston; Jeremy Pruitt, defensive coordinator, Alabama; Marcel Yates, defensive coordinator, Arizona.---Online: AP college football site: Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Chris Robshaw is relieved to have finally completed his collection of Rugby Championship triumphs after England crushed South Africa 37-21 at Twickenham. Women s Air Vapormax Running Shoes Pink .A decade of failure against the Springboks spanning 12 Tests, one of them ending in a draw, concluded with a four-try rout on Saturday that was settled the moment George Ford dashed over early in the second half.Robshaw has been involved in four of those losses, all of them as captain, but was typically industrious as England extended their winning run to 11 games, with 10 of them delivered under the guidance of Eddie Jones.Its massive because Ive played a number of times against South Africa and its been a fixture in which you feel youre quite close, but youre not actually, Robshaw said. For us to get over that and get a comfortable scoreline is a great feeling. To see our hard work pay off is great for the squad.We left some points out there and were a little bit disappointed to have conceded that last try, but as this series continues well get more fluid and show a bit of consistency.We always want to improve on last season and when we first met up in the summer, we were very clear that yes it had been very good and we achieved what we wanted to, but its been about kicking on.Youre only judged on your next result, so its been about making sure that every time you go out there you produce as well as you can and keep things ticking over.The victory was given perspective by the limitations of South Africa, who brought their poorest group of players to Twickenham since the 53-3 drubbing in 2002 and at times in the second half they were a rabble in defence.But they started strongly, aided by English indiscipline, until a flawlessly-executed move from a line-out that saw Elliot Daly and Owen Farrell act as decoy runners before Marland Yarde and Mike Brown combined to send Jonny May over signalled the beginning of their demise.It was Mays first international appearance since last autumns World Cup and after a 10-month absence with knee ligament damage, the try-scoring return conclusively ended an anxious period in the Gloucester wings career.It was awesome to be back because Ive worked so hard over God knows how many months. I always targeted these games so I made it just in the nick of time, May said. All my hard work paid off and I managed to score a try in the corner. For sure there were times when I felt this moment would never come again.With a nasty injury like that, when its potentially career-ending, you know you have to work extremely hard to get back, but thats all behind me. The last two weeks have been really tough. The way we train has been brutal, so I probably ran out of puff a little bit in the second half. I came off early so Ive got to keep working hard to move onwards and upwards. NMD R1 Primeknit White . Perhaps Carroll was so prepared for a break because he believes there is very little the Seattle Seahawks need heading into the off-season. "I dont see anything that we need to add. We just have to get better," Carroll said. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White . Its 1987 and a Brazilian playmaker, known as Mirandinha, is being paraded around St James Park to the passionate Newcastle fans. . Paul Pierce couldnt believe he missed at the end. Young scored a season-high 26 points to spark a huge effort from the leagues most productive bench, and Los Angeles beat the Brooklyn Nets 99-94 on Wednesday night after blowing a 27-point lead. ESPN rounds up all the reaction from up and down the Spa-Francorchamps paddock following the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix.MercedesNico Rosberg (1st): I am so happy to win here in Spa at this legendary track. It wasnt an easy weekend for us. We had to work a lot on the setup - but in the race it was perfect. The stints on the medium tyres were really good and I felt really comfortable at the start on the softs too. Our car was really great today, so thank you to the team for all their hard work in getting it spot on. Its great for the team that Lewis was able to recover to finish in third place, so overall a great result for us. It was a great atmosphere here with all the Dutch people coming to see Max. They shouldnt be sad because he is still young and Im sure he will have a lot more races here with much better results. Now, its only a few days until Monza. The penalties for Lewis made things easier for me today -- but he will be back in the battle for the win again next weekend, which will be exciting.Lewis Hamilton (3rd): If youd offered me third coming into this race with all the penalties I would definitely have taken it! I really wasnt expecting that! As I said yesterday, I really didnt know what would be possible today. But I came into the race with a positive mental attitude and it all came together. It was a steep mountain to climb -- but we did it together as a team. Im so happy and so proud of everyone. Changing so many parts on the car, it would have been easy to make mistakes. But the guys did an exceptional job and all three Power Units worked flawlessly. I think I now have more engines than most of the others, which is great. Now, the fight is really on for the second half of the season. The car worked really well out there today.The most difficult part of the race really was the mental approach from the beginning in terms of whether I risked it all at the start or hung back and tried to pick my way through carefully. I kind of went for somewhere in the middle -- but then all this commotion happened along the way and Im grateful I could capitalize on that. Coming from the back and having to make overtaking manoeuvres, I had to push a little bit more than youd normally plan to, so we went for a three stop strategy. Whether or not I would have made it on a two stop with the medium Im not sure -- but Im glad we didnt take that risk. The team made the right call. Ive been so impressed with the fans here this weekend. Naturally, a lot of them were here for Max. But Ive seen loads of Brits here too and generally I feel like Ive had great support right the way through, so thank you everybody.Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: A fantastic result this afternoon for the whole team after what proved a pretty tough weekend for us. Nico had it all under control today from the moment the lights went out. It was a perfect drive, with great pace on each of the tyres he used and he just steadily built the gap to Ricciardo behind him when he needed to. He didnt put a foot wrong and delivered everything possible. On the other side, Im delighted for Lewis climbing back up to P3 after starting from the back.Sure, we benefitted from the chaos at Turn 1 and the decision of some people to pit under the Safety Car before the red flag came out. But we had decided to run an aggressive three-stop strategy with him so that he could attack the other cars and move forward today and we stuck to our guns after the red flag. Doing something different to Ricciardo was the only possible way to beat him -- and that was a long shot anyway. But Lewis drove a squeaky clean race and really deserved the podium finish -- at one point in the final stint, we thought maybe we could chase Ricciardo down. But then even the medium tyre started to blister from Lewis and we played it safe from there. Most of all, I want to say congratulations to the whole team.To have prepared the engine penalty strategy for this weekend, to get everything ready and to deliver it perfectly at the track with no mistakes at all really shows that we are working in a great way. Our mechanics were faultless all the way through this demanding challenge and Im really proud of what they achieved. Likewise, the engineering team worked their way from a pretty tricky situation on Friday to delivering the kind of performance we are used to seeing this afternoon. A super impressive job all round and a great way for us to come back to work after the summer break.Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical): We knew coming into today that it was going to be a tough race. Not just because we were starting from the back, but because tyre endurance on all three compounds was very low and we didnt feel we had a great performance margin to several of our competitors. As it turned out, a dramatic start to the race ruled several of the main contenders out of the running straight away. Meanwhile, Nico immediately showed good pace from the start and, with all the incidents ahead of him, Lewis made good progress. We lucked in with the Safety Car because many teams stopped and lost position, while we deliberately chose to stay out on a two stop plan.We then lucked in again with the red flag, which effectively created a fresh race and sealed our positions in first and fifth. Going into that with two sets of the medium compound available for Nico, we had a safe two stints to the flag. With Lewis, we chose a three stint strategy as we knew he had to push to improve on his fifth place and he only had one sets of mediums available having started on that compound.Were delighted to get two cars on the podium this weekend, as it didnt look like it would be an easy task earlier in the weekend. Nico drove superbly to manage the tyres in difficult conditions and take a dominant win. And, regardless of the circumstances, it was a really great drive from Lewis to come from 21st to third. We leave Belgium thoroughly satisfied and with a tantalising battle in store with our drivers separated by such a narrow margin.FerrariSebastian Vettel (6th): Today I had a brillant start. I was in second place and half a car ahead, so I could dictate the way. I could hardly see Kimi, he was in my blind spot, with Max even further right and out of sight. So I dont think what Max was trying to do would have worked. Obviously he didnt allow Kimi to move into the inside, and that prevented both of them from clearing Turn One in a normal way. We all three touched and collided, and this was bad news for Kimi and for me. Of course, with hindsight, I would have given more room to the inside, but you want to make the corner and try to race, and I gave room to Kimi, but not to three cars.Max had a bad start, he was falling behind. I think we have seen in the last couple of years that if you really dive down the very inside,the track is falling off and you basically go straight. The cars ahead have priority, and this is something he needs to understand. In that regard there was no way he could have made the corner without making contact. I dont think that me and Kimi have to change what we are doing, we respect each other and its a pity when two cars of the same color collide.Kimi Raikkonen (9th): After the start, at the first corner, Sebastian didnt see that there was another car on the inside: he expected me to turn but I couldnt, so I found myself stuck in the middle with nowhere to go. We ended up touching each other and this was pretty bad for the rest of the race. After that it was an uphill battle: the floor of my car was a bit damaged, but we managed to recover some positions and do the best we could, even though it was not easy. Im fine with fair racing and close battles, but, in my opinion, what happened at Eau Rouge with Verstappen was not correct.I was going full speed and I had to back off before Turn 5 because he just turned in front of me when I tried to overtake him. Ive never had that with any other driver, if I hadnt braked hard I would have hit him at full speed and it would have ended up in a massive accident. Its hard to say where we would have been without the issue at the first corner, but the car felt well throughout the weekend. This was not the result that we were looking for, its a pity but thats how racing goes sometimes.Maurizio Arrivabene, Team Principal: Its such a pity. Today we probably had the pace for finishing the Grand Prix with both drivers on the podium. Unfortunately, the accident at the first corner ruined our race. The positives we can take is that, despite extensive damage, our car proved fast and resilient throughout. And this bodes well for our home Grand Prix next week at Monza. Also, the team behaved strongly and was united both on track and back at Maranello. So, starting from tomorrow, well start preparing the Italian Grand Prix.WilliamsValtteri Bottas (8th): It was a disappointing day and a shame that we wasted the opportunity that we had at the beginning of the race. We were in a great position after the start and when the safety car came in we should have pitted immediately. We then lost many positions. We tried to get the most out the race that we could after that, and Im happy that we could at least get some points in the end, but overall it was disappointing. Looking ahead, weve got another race next week and obviously we need to learn from today. Hopefully well be better in Monza.Felipe Massa (10th): It was a very difficult race. Trying to look after the tyres until the end and checking the tyre pressures while we were racing was tough. It was difficult to stay out long enough on track. When the tyres were there we were fighting for a great position but when the tyres went off we just couldnt fight anymore.Rob Smedley, Head of Performance Engineering: It was a disappointing race to come out with so few points. The key point of the race for us was the safety car when Magnusson had the huge accident and damaged the barrier. We thought it would be a red flag and so planned our strategy around that, however the red flag didnt come out very quickly, and so we had to pit Valtteri. The red flag did finally come out, as predicted, however by this point it had ruined our race. From then on our afternoon was set as we just didnt have the pace to move further forward. We will now go to Monza and try harder.Red BullDaniel Ricciardo (2nd): Im pleased with that result, I knew a podium was on today. Of course you can never guarantee, but I knew if we had the pace that we did on Friday, that we would be able to get there. With Lewis starting at the back it was an opportunity to get at least a second place, and we got that. A win is always the big target, but Nico had the pace that we expected, so second is the best we could have done. There was a lot going on at the start and I actually hit some of the debris which damaged the front wing, so the red flag helped us as we were able to repair it.Before that the car was quite affected. Then, after that we got going; there wasnt too much action for me, but I was just trying to be consistent and the outcome was good! The fans this weekend have been awesome. The driver parade was great, 99% of the fans are here for Max but they were cheering everyone and it was good sportsmanship; Max got bigger cheers but they were waving and cheering for everyone, it was really good to see. So big respect to the Dutch and Belgian fans, they were really cool.Max Verstappen (11th):?Today was very unfortunate. I didnt start as well as I wanted but I got up the inside for the first corner then got squeezed by the two Ferraris. In the contact my front wing and the floor got destroyed so then the car was very difficult to drive and the race was gone. Still, I tried my best to come back especially for all the people who were cheering me on in the stands, but unfortunately I didnt get in the points. Luckily we got Daniel on the podium so we still scored some more points for the team. Its good to have another race next week and well try to do the best job possible at Monza. The race didnt turn out the way I wanted but before that we had a great weekend here in Spa and it was great to have some interaction with all the fans who came out to support me.Christian Horner, team principal:?An impressive performance by Daniel today; a great disciplined drive, looking after his tyres and making an effective two-stop strategy work. To finish second, at the type of venue that we werent expecting to be our strongest, is an amazing result. He picked up a little bit of damage after the first corner but we were able to repair that in the break (during a red flag), and he drove a strong race thereafter. Maxs race was compromised after turn one. After an average start he got inside of Kimi into that turn but unfortunately he was squeezed from the outside by Sebastian and three into one quite simply doesnt go.The resulting damage significantly compromised the aerodynamics on the underside of the car costing him about a second and half per lap. He made a strong recovery to finish unfortunately just outside the points, Its clearly not the result he was looking for in front of such an enormous crowd that came out to support him all weekend but hopefully a lot more positive races to come. For the team to be coming away from Spa still second in the Constructors Championship, and having extended our lead over Ferrari, is more than we could have envisaged.Force IndiaNico Hulkenberg (4th): Today is a massive result for the team and Im feeling very happy with fourth place. There were some unusual circumstances, but we were there to take the opportunities and pick up some very important points. At the start of the race things worked out really well for me. The first lap was great; I was up in second place following Nico [Rosberg] and pulling away from the group of cars behind me. Unfortunately, the red flag proved costly because it neutralised things and bunched everybody back up again. The restart was clean and the rest of the race was quite controlled - just managing my pace and looking after the tyres. There was a battle with Fernando [Alonso] coming out of the pit lane, but we managed to stay ahead and keep the fourth position. Maybe if things had worked out slightly differently, we could have been on the podium, but Im satisfied with the fourth position.Sergio Perez (5th): Its been a great day for the team and I am very pleased to finish fifth, but it was quite a tough race from the start. I chose a wide line going into turn one, but had to go far on the outside to avoid the first corner accident and that cost me a few positions. I dropped down to ninth and that compromised my race. I managed to make some good progress early on,, but every time I switched to new tyres I found myself having to put a lot of stress on them as I needed to attack Felipe [Massa] then Fernando [Alonso]. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Men s/Women s White/Black/Red. I still managed to make my way through and bring home a good result for the team. Moving to fourth in the constructors championship is a fantastic achievement for us, but we cant get carried away because theres still a very long way to go in the season. Hopefully we can keep our momentum going and keep scoring strongly.Robert Fernley, Deputy Team Principal: We can rightly be proud of a great team result - the first time weve put both cars in the top five since Bahrain 2014. It was a fantastic weekend, one that highlights once more the special relationship we have with Spa-Francorchamps. Everyone in the team did a great job and we can now celebrate a very strong race. We can even be a bit disappointed, too, because without the Safety Car and red flag, Nico could well have been on the podium, but considering how the race turned out, we feel pretty content with the result. We are now fourth in the championship, having scored 89 points since Monaco, but we wont let our guard down. There is still a long way to go and the battle in the midfield is just going to get closer. We will continue to work hard and hopefully bring home more special results between now and the end of the season.RenaultJolyon Palmer: Kevin Magnussen: Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director:Toro RossoDaniil Kvyat (14th): We pushed quite hard today and after the red flag there was some hope - at one point it even looked like we could dream of scoring some points... I think we did a great job with the tyres, but we started to struggle with straight-line speed and the deficit was more and more obvious after the second pit-stop. Its a shame, but at least we can say we did our absolute best today. Unfortunately not many people will see this, as we only ended up P14 and out of the points, but its not that bad. We will have to take our opportunities at tracks that suit us better.Carlos Sainz (DNF): How frustrating to have to retire from the race because of a puncture! I did one of the best starts of my life and by the end of the first lap I had gained seven positions and was racing in P7... But I then went over some debris from other cars at the start of my second lap and the tyre ended up exploding after Eau Rouge. It definitely wasnt the best moment of my life, especially after doing such a good start! Its frustrating to have to end the race like this, but I will keep fighting and forget today as quickly as possible.Franz Tost, Team Principal: Even before arriving here we knew that Spa -- and also Monza -- would be a difficult race for us, because we have the disadvantage of running last years engine. This was actually the case in the end and it also hurt our qualifying pace yesterday, as we ended up P15 and P19. Today Carlos did a fantastic start and gained seven positions during the first lap, racing in P7. Unfortunately, he had a tyre failure.I assume that the tyre was destroyed by some debris from the collision in the first corner and therefore Carlos had to retire. Daniil performed a very good race. Strategy wise, the team also did everything correctly, but in the end our lap times were simply too slow to score some points. We will now analyse everything and hopefully we will come back stronger, especially in Singapore. Before that, lets focus on another tough race for us, the teams home Grand Prix in Monza next week.SauberFelipe Nasr (17th): A disappointing race. I had a good start and was able to make up some positions running temporarily in P11. Because of a lot of debris on track, I got a rear left tyre puncture, which was very unfortunate. I had to pit early, which compromised the whole race. The floor ,as well as the diffusor, was also damaged by the debris. That surely had an influence on the lap times. Now we need to shift our focus onto the upcoming race weekend in Monza.Marcus Ericsson (DNF): It was a tough day. When I went out to the starting grid we identified issues with the cooling system, so we had to make some adjustments. This meant that I had to start the race from the pit lane. It was a good first lap, I was able to catch the group ahead, but then suddenly I lost sixth gear on lap three. That was the end of my race; I had to retire. It has been a weekend with many issues, but I am sure we will be stronger soon.Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal: A disappointing result, after we could see in the practice sessions that the aerodynamic characteristics of the car had generally improved. This weekend was compromised by several incidents with the power unit. Also the race was influenced by factors which did not lie in our hands - the gearbox issues on Marcus car, as well as the debris which caused a puncture and damages to Felipes car. Nevertheless, Felipe put in a good performance driving-wise as well as with regards to the tyre management.McLarenFernando Alonso (7th): It was an exciting race to drive and I had a good feeling throughout.We had good pace this weekend; we did better than expected on this track; we were in the top 10 with Jenson yesterday in qualifying; and weve scored points today. Believe me: a few months ago that would have been unthinkable on a circuit like this. Thats progress -- real progress. And, after all the bad luck weve had so far this weekend, we finally got some good luck today. We started last, but we managed to keep away from all the incidents, gain some positions thanks to the Safety Car and then a couple more because of the red flag.We then put on fresh tyres and found ourselves in fourth place -- and, better still, we had the pace to manage the situation afterwards. Okay, we couldnt hold back Lewis [Hamilton], Checo [Perez] or Seb [Vettel], because they were just too fast, but we had enough pace to keep Valtteri [Bottas] behind all the way to the flag. Finally, its great news that we overtook Toro Rosso in the Constructors World Championship -- I think we can be regularly in the points from now on. So, to sum up, this weekend we saw evidence of very good progress from the team; were moving in the right direction, thats for sure.Jenson Button (DNF): We looked really good for points today, so its disappointing that we didnt score any, but it happens. Ive been around long enough to know these things happen. I had a really good start -- I got ahead of a Williams, pulled in front of a Red Bull and drew alongside a Force India. But then I lost a lot of places at La Source and ran wide. I rejoined the track, but Pascal [Wehrlein] made contact with me at Turn Five, damaging the rear of my car. There was a lot of damage and we were unable to complete the race. After such a short race, theres not much more to say!Eric Boullier, McLaren Racing Director: Having suffered problem after problem yesterday and the day before, Fernando enjoyed a trouble-free run today, forcing his way from the back of the grid to a fine seventh place by the end of a truly dramatic Belgian Grand Prix. By contrast, very soon after the start, Jensons car was hit by another car, through no fault of Jensons, and we judged the damage it had sustained too serious to feel able to authorise him to continue. It was massively frustrating for him and for us, because hed shown very impressive pace here so far this weekend. That being the case, were encouraged by our car performance here, overall, and were optimistic of building on this weekends decent form when we arrive in Italy in a few days time.Granted, Monza is the fastest racetrack on the Formula 1 calendar - and as such our car should in theory be unsuited to its very long straights -- but well do our very best to score points there all the same. Talking of points, the half-dozen that Fernando scored today have lifted us ahead of Toro Rosso in the constructors world championship table; as a result were now in sixth place. Thats not great, but it shows that things are going in the right direction for us. Last but not least, on behalf of all at McLaren-Honda, I want to say get well soon to our ex-driver and old mate Kev [Magnussen] after his massive shunt at Eau Rouge today.Yusuke Hasegawa, Honda R&D Co Ltd Head of F1 Project & Executive Chief Engineer: Fernando drove a brilliant race today, and the team did a phenomenal job to get him from the very back of the grid to finish P7 - and at Spa too! This is another confirmation that our power unit has indeed taken a step forward, and Im happy and thankful to everyone for all their hard work. Jenson was unlucky to retire at the very start of the race, when he was unexpectedly hit from behind.He had a strong start to the weekend, and it was a great shame that he couldnt capitalise on his very good P9 starting position. Of course, were still hungry and not completely satisfied by these results, but after each race we go home encouraged by our progress and this one is no different. Next up is Monza, which is probably the toughest circuit of the year for us, but well prepare as usual to give our all.ManorEsteban Ocon (16th): It wasnt an easy race, thats for sure, but Im very satisfied with my first Grand Prix. There were so many things happening in that first lap; it was crazy out there. It was hard for me to stay away from it all and at the same time push hard and fight for position. On top of that I had to remember all the procedures as well; its not difficult, its just remembering them in the heat of the moment and of course everything happens so much faster in F1. It was not easy to manage the red flag situation, but most importantly Im glad Kevin seems to be okay. So I think we did the maximum with the car today and Im happy with 16th position and finishing ahead of the Sauber.I learned a lot about managing the race, particularly with all the different situations going on. This track is so high for degradation that it was also a really good test of tyre management; Im very pleased with that because, really, we didnt have the tyres left to push until the end. As for what next, well, Im not tired, I could easily do another 24 hours! But, I guess I have to wait a week. Theres a lot to think about and reflect on, but Im ready for Monza, where I want to work on Qualifying and make a good step forward. My thanks to everyone in the team for a great weekend and Im so excited for the next one!Pascal Wehrlein (DNF): I was really unlucky. In Turn 5 the two drivers in front of me were fighting for position, braking late, missing the line, so I tried to overtake them into Turn 6 on the outside. Then, both came back on the line and when I saw that I wanted to brake and move to the inside but I couldnt avoid the crash. Im really unhappy about it but that is what can happen on the first lap when youre starting in the midfield; that part I cant complain about and thats where I want us to be starting next time in Monza.I think P9 in Q1 was a really good measure of how strong we were here this weekend. Thats the bit Ill take forward into Monza and work to maintain. Of course, Im sad for the team because of what could have been today in the race, especially with all the incidents that created some opportunities. But, well come back fighting next weekend. Not long to wait!Dave Ryan, Racing Director: A mixed result today. On the one hand, a great debut by Esteban, who didnt put a foot wrong all weekend. He finished his first race in 16th place and Im sure it will be an upward trajectory for him from here. Im really looking forward to seeing how he gets on in Monza.For Pascal, a real disappointment that he had to retire at the end of the first lap, but huge positives for him to take away from this race. His performance all weekend has been outstanding and, again, really excited to see how he takes this forward to Monza. From a team perspective, generally its been a good event for us, but we have had a few hiccups, which we need to sort out before Monza. That will be our focus over the next few days.HaasEsteban Gutierrez (12th): It wasnt the result we expected. We were fighting very hard to get into the top-10 and even though we didnt manage to get there, I think we did well. The balance of the car felt good and we had reasonable pace. This is one of the things we need to keep up for the coming events because its whats going to keep us consistent and help us get the most out of the car. I feel very grateful for the team. They did a great job and had some great pit stops. We lost some time on the safety car before the red flag, but sometimes it goes that way. We finished P12, so Im not completely satisfied, but we will keep pushing.Romain Grosjean (13th): Well, it was a very good start and a very good first lap. Unfortunately, I didnt have any top speed in the beginning of the race. Something was not going quite right. It took a lot of time to solve that. My last stint wasnt bad. I made up a lot of time on everyone, but the damage had already been done. We had a shot at a good finish today. On the positive side, Im much happier with the car than I was recently, so thats at least great. Its just a shame we lost an opportunity for a good result.Guenther Steiner, Team Principal: A very interesting and exciting race for the fans. For us, it was a bit up and down. We got away very well, but then with the red-flag scenario, we were pushed back and couldnt get further to the front. In general, both drivers showed good speed. We had a small issue with Romains car with the energy recovery system, which the team fixed within a few laps and in the end we finished 12th and 13th. We wouldve liked to get in the points, but that didnt work out. However, we showed we can do it if the circumstances are right. We still hope to get some more points this year and we look forward to Monza.PirelliPaul Hembery, Pirelli Motorsport Director: It was an action-packed race where we saw a wide variety of strategies right from the start -- with all three compounds seen on the starting grid -- which were further influenced by the racing incidents and red flag period. Nonetheless, Nico Rosberg won with two tyre changes, as we had predicted, thanks to the medium compound proving to be especially effective in the unusually high track temperatures seen at Spa all weekend, which made tyre management particularly crucial. 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After acquiring former MVP Derrick Rose in a trade with the Chicago Bulls last week, the Knicks are now set to sign Roses former Chicago teammate Joakim Noah to a contract that ESPNs Ramona Shelburne reports will pay him $72 million over four years. Authentic Patriots Jerseys .Like Rose, Noah has fallen from his All-Star heights in part because of injuries.Can he return to form in his native New York City? And does such a large investment make sense for the Knicks? Patriots Womens Jerseys . 4 Villanova with a 96-68 drubbing on Monday. Wragge hit 9-of-14 from behind the arc, matching Kyle Korvers school record for 3-pointers in a game set in 2003, as Creighton (16-3, 6-1 Big East broke a conference record with 21 treys in the rout. Wholesale Patriots Jerseys . Nathan MacKinnon, Jamie McGinn and Jan Hejda also scored for the Avalanche, who won despite being outshot 38-23. MacKinnons goal, also on the power play, came with just over a minute remaining. . Vettel was 0.168 seconds faster than Red Bull teammate Mark Webber around the Suzuka circuit. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg was two tenths of a second off Vettel. "The car balance is decent, but I think we can still improve," Vettel said. SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- An upstate New York high school football team preparing for its first playoff game as a combined unit has lost all of its equipment in a fire.Schenectady Police Sgt. Matt Dearing tells the Times Union of Albany ( ) that a fire engulfed the field house early Friday at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons. Investigators believe someone broke in and set the fire.University at Albany head football coach Greg Gattuso is asking each football coach across the Albany area to donate oone full uniform to help Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons get on the field for Saturdays game. Patriots Stitched Jerseys. The university also has asked the NCAA for a waiver to loan any equipment still needed to help the team, which also includes players from Spa Catholic and Central Catholic.---This story has been corrected with the last name of the Schenectady police spokesman as Dearing, not Terry. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
OAKLAND, Calif. Camo Titans Jerseys . -- The Kevin Durant era tips off for the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night against an opponent, the San Antonio Spurs, that both Durant and the Warriors would consider unfriendly.After signing a two-year, $54.3 million deal to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason, Durant is expected to take his place alongside holdover Warriors standouts Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in the nightcap of TNTs opening-night doubleheader (10:30 p.m. ET).And he will do so against a Spurs team that also will sport a new look this season -- albeit one with a key piece missing.In its quest to unseat Golden State as the two-time Western Conference champs, San Antonio will go forward without future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan, who retired in July after his 19th season.Before concluding the addition of Durant and the subtraction of Duncan tilts the balance significantly in the Warriors favor, consider this: The last four times the Spurs played Golden State without their star big man, they won two of them.The Spurs went after Durant in free agency, then settled for Pau Gasol, who is primed to join a star-studded collection of talent himself. San Antonio returns Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard from a team that won 67 games last season.I wouldnt think of ourselves as the guinea pig, Gasol said Monday when asked if the Spurs saw themselves as a test experiment for Golden States new concoction. We have an incredible team here with a lot of talent and a lot of experience. Its going to be an interesting, challenging first game.The Warriors feel the same way, and with good reason.Even after winning the season series 3-1 last season, Golden State has prevailed just six times in its past 30 regular-season meetings with the Spurs.Meanwhile, halfway across the country, Durant was having similar struggles with his Southwest Division rival. His 25.8-point career scoring average against the Spurs is lower than his mark all teams except the Charlotte Hornets, Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks and Portland Trail Blazers.The Warriors will take the court fully aware the NBA hasnt scheduled a coming-out party for Durant on opening night.Itll be a really good atmosphere, obviously, and Im sure there will be a very high level of play on both ends, Curry said. Itll take a lot to get a win.The Warriors did more tinkering to their record-breaking, 73-win team than adding Durant. They even plucked one of the Spurs -- David West -- with a team-friendly, $1.6 million offer that was similar to the one ($1.5 million) that lured the veteran away from the Indiana Pacers for a shot at a title in San Antonio last season.That didnt work out as planned, as West contributed only a career-worst average of 4.0 rebounds and his lowest scoring output in 10 years (7.1 points per game) to the Spurs quest.So now, instead of backing up Duncan and LaMarcus Aldridge as he did a year ago, he will team with Zaza Pachulia in replacing Andrew Bogut in Golden States bid for a second championship in three seasons. Throwback Titans Jerseys . That left plenty of energy for pitching books and swatting away free agency questions. Anthony had 24 points and nine rebounds, and the Knicks avenged an embarrassing home loss with a rout of their own, beating the Boston Celtics 114-88 on Wednesday night for their third straight victory. Youth Titans Jerseys . Two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line of the April 15 race in an area packed with fans cheering the passing runners. Three people were killed and more than 260 injured, including at least 16 who lost limbs. . LOUIS -- St. KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of the big knocks on cornerback Marcus Peters when he entered the NFL draft two years ago was that he carried a lot of unwelcome baggage from his time at Washington.He got into fights with assistant coaches. He boiled over during games. He ultimately got kicked out of the Huskies program when coach Chris Petersen decided he had seen enough.In short, many believed Peters was juvenile and selfish.That may be what made his protest of social injustice during the national anthem for the Kansas City Chiefs season opener last weekend even more surprising.It was Peters who locked arms with his team in a sign of unity, then raised his gloved right fist for all to see.Its not about attention for me, he said after the game. Im more so, `Dont talk about it, be about it. I come from a majority black community from Oakland, California.Ive grown up around my people a lot. I still have family that struggles. Im not saying one thing or another, but we need to educate youth coming up. If we keep educating them, well eliminate these problems.That doesnt exactly sound like someone who is juvenile and selfish.Sounds more like someone who has grown up.Peters still harbors a hot streak, as evidenced by the jawing match he got into with Chargers wide receivers, but he has also learned to control his emotions between the white lines.That has made him one of the leagues premier defenders.He had trouble keeping up with San Diego star Keenan Allen in the first half, but buckled down once Allen left with an injury and had a solid second half. He was a big reason why the Chiefs rallied to the biggest comeback in franchise history in a 33-27 overtime victory.That after starting all 16 games as a rookie last season, picking off eight passes and returning two of them for touchdowns. Those efforts even earned him a spot in the Pro Bowl.It also earned him a unique leadership role as a second-year player in a youthful secondary.My leadership role is, you just got to go out there and work as hard as you can to make those plays, and the rest will take care of itself, he said. We got a team full of leaders. Like I said, last year it makes my job that much easier if I dont have to do too much -- just play ball.Peters isnt just playing ball, though. By taking a stance alongside 49ers quarterback Collin Kaepernick and many other professional athletes, Peters is thrusting himself squarely into the middle of a discussion that has captivated America. Black Titans Jerseys. He also knows raising awareness is one thing, and that objective has largely been accomplished. The crucial next step is taking that awareness and using it to produce positive change.Were trying to help this cause as a team, Peter said. Everybody is going to play their part and were going to ... work together to help improve the justice system in Kansas City and around the world.Exactly what that looks like remains to be seen. Perhaps it is meeting with local law enforcement or spending more time in the community. Education is a big part of it, Peters said, and getting positive messages to impressionable youth could make a difference.One thing is clear: He has plenty of support in his locker room.Some guys wanted to link arms; some wanted to have their hand over the heart at the same time. We just wanted everyone to be able to express themselves however they wanted, wide receiver Chris Conley said, but we also wanted to be unified as a team while drawing attention to the issue.The cool thing about the meeting we had was this isnt the only thing were going to do. Were not just going to link arms before games, Conley continued. Were going to do hands-on activities with the community to reach out and try to improve relations.Asked what that might include, Conley said: Weve talked about meeting with police, first responders and people within the community to help mend relationships between residents and the police.The Chiefs have been supportive of the players stance, and coach Andy Reid praised the way Peters went about things, pointing out that this kid does a phenomenal job in the community.Theres no question hes all in, Reid said. Theres no question he respects whatever -- law enforcement, military -- you dont have to question that with his guy. He just wants whats right, like we all do. I think thats the important thing. What the players are doing right now is important. Lets just all get along and that would be a beautiful thing.---AP NFL website: and Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Hawthorns thirst to be tested ahead of the AFL finals series will see the premiers head north with enthusiasm to play Sydney on Thursday night. Warriors Jerseys From China .Just dont expect another public rev-up from coach Alastair Clarkson ahead of the table-topping clash.The four-time premiership coach took a step outside of the ordinary last week, publicly baiting opponents Port Adelaide to ensure a strong showing from his side.Wingman Isaac Smith said while Clarksons spray got the desired result - a 22-point win at Adelaide Oval - he didnt think it would be necessary ahead of their SCG date.We wanted to make sure when we rocked up last Thursday we rocked up to play, he told reporters on Monday.Behind closed doors he was ... not chilled out but he was just the normal Clarko.He gave us the facts and made sure that we were ready.Hopefully he doesnt need to do that every week.Smith says the high-stakes of preserving top spot on the ladder should be all the motivation any team should need to perform.Its one `v two on the ladder and it should be a cracking match, he said.Games like this are the ones you want to play.Its great to be playing footy against the best teams at their home ground because its a genuine challenge.Id tune in on Thursday night.Sydney were the last team to claim the points against Hawthorn, six matches ago at the MCG.Smith was close to Hawthorns best in their round nine meeting, with 26 touches.He acknowledged the importance of claiming a regular-season win given the sides have met in four of the last five finals series.If you win youve probably got the psychological edge the next time you go in, he said.But I dont think its the be all and end all.Hopefully we meet again in September because they always seem to be great challenges. Cheap Warriors Jerseys . The Hall of Fame defenceman told Landsberg that he believes fighting still has a place in todays game, but thinks staged fighting needs be outlawed. Warriors Jerseys Outlet . -- Hunter Smith scored the winner with just 12 seconds remaining in the third period as the Oshawa Generals edged the host Sarnia Sting 5-4 on Friday in Ontario Hockey League action. .C. -- Charlotte Bobcats coach Steve Clifford said after all of these years in the NBA hes still amazed at some of the things LeBron James does. New South Wales 3 for 288 (Henriques 94*, Nevill 73*, Patterson 71) v TasmaniaScorecard Axed Test wicketkeeper Peter Nevill sent a message to Australias selectors with a patient unbeaten half-century on the first day for New South Wales against Tasmania at Bellerive Oval. Nevill finished the day on 73 from 175 balls, while Moises Henriques was eyeing off a potential fifth first-class century on 94, and they had taken New South Wales to 3 for 288 after George Bailey won the toss and sent the Blues in.Ed Cowan fell early when he edged James Faulkner behind for 8, and his opening partner Daniel Hughes was also caught behind off Faulkner for 30. Wholesale Warriors Jerseys. Kurtis Patterson, who was a contender for selection for the Adelaide Test but lost out to Nic Maddinson, compiled 71 before he was bowled by Sam Rainbird. Only once in his past nine first-class games has Patterson failed to pass fifty in the first innings.His dismissal brought Nevill to the crease to join Henriques at 3 for 129, and by the close of play their partnership had blossomed to 159 runs. Nevill struck eight fours and one six, while Henriques hit 11 boundaries during his 167-ball stay. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Hes the leading contender for the Dally M rookie of the year but Gold Coast playmaker Ash Taylor admits hell spend the rest of the NRL season playing for his short term future. Youth Suns Jerseys .Taylor returned from a groin injury to guide the Titans to a 32-12 win over St George Illawarra at Jubilee Oval on Friday night that has them looking like finals contenders.The 21-year-old halfback was among his sides best and worked in tandem with Tyrone Roberts to put the Dragons to the sword and jump into the eight.Roberts had arguably his best game of the year, setting up two tries and kicking for over 500 metres in an impressive display that highlighted his potential.Roberts short kicking game was a big reason for Neil Henrys sides ability to build pressure and underscored the selection headache that awaits the coach next year.With Kane Elgey sitting out 2016 with a ruptured ACL, Henry will have to find a way to fit all three into his side next year.Elgeys long-term injury opened the door for Taylor to earn his debut and he has grabbed the opportunity with both hands.While Taylor would have ordinarily done enough in his rookie season to be comfortable with his job security, he admits his spot in the starting side next year is far from assured.Youre playing for your spot week in and week out, Taylor said.It was unfortunate what happened to Kane. I want to play the best I can and the best for the team.If Kingy (Henry) goes for different options, Im just going to put my best foot forward at training and train my backside off to be the best player I can be.Henry heaped praise on Taylor for his ability to guide the side into finals contention, saying he should be considered the leading contender for Dally M rookie of the year.Given that we thought he might have debuted and played a couple of games, Henry said.Its been a bit like Kane Elgey last year - we had some injuries in the halves and round four he started playing and he had a great season for his first year.Ash has just stepped up. We didnt think hed take on the responsibilities so quickly. Discount Suns Jerseys . Toronto has dropped games to Indiana and Miami since a five-game winning streak and closed out a three-game road trip at 1-2. Womens Suns Jerseys . Its 1987 and a Brazilian playmaker, known as Mirandinha, is being paraded around St James Park to the passionate Newcastle fans. . Collaros, 25, was solid last season, posting a 5-2 record as the starter while incumbent Ricky Ray was injured. Collaros also started Torontos 23-20 regular-season finale loss to Montreal — Ray didnt dress because the Argos had already clinched first in the East Division — but was one of three quarterbacks to play that day. The long wait is over. The college football season is here and our college football countdown has reached one day until the greatest first week in college football history officially begins on Thursday.The No. 1 is an appropriate number for Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson who is a one-of-a-kind player in college football history. Watson became the first player to pass for 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000 in FBS history as he led the Tigers to the College Football Playoff championship game where they fell to Alabama. The preseason No. 2-ranked Tigers will open the season on Saturday at Jordan Hare Stadium against Auburn (9 p.m. ET, ESPN) as we will find out quickly whether Clemson will be national players this season.Watson was third in Heisman Trophy balloting last season and is one of the favorites this season with Christian McCaffrey of Stanford and Leonard Fournette of LSU. The Tigers went 14-1 last season, losing only to Alabama in the national championship game. If they are going to get back there, theyll need Watson to have another big season. Watson passed for 4,104 yards last season and 35 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. He also was a top rushing threat with 1,105 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns.Watson ended last season with 478 yards of total offense, a national championship game record, in the loss to Alabama, and is the sports top player at quarterback going into this season.?In case you missed any part of our countdown:2 days: Kansas and UCF were winless in 20143 days: Michigan had three shutouts in 20154 days: Dalvin Cook ran for FSU-record 1,691 yards for the preseason No. 4 team5 days:?Ohio State, Bama among five bounce-back champions6 days: Christian McCaffreys six games with 300-plus all-purposse yards in 20157 days: UNCs Ryan Switzer has seven career punt-return touchdowns8 days: Alabamas record eight wins vs. Cheap Suns Jerseys. AP Top 25 teams last season9 days: Nick Saban is 9-0 against his former assistant coaches10 days: Temples 10 sacks in win over Penn State last season11 days: Navy won a school-record 11 games last season12 days: Alabama has won 12 straight games, the longest active FBS streak.13 days: Lucky number 13 for a trio of teams last season.14 days: Boise State has played in 14 straight bowl games.15 days: Kansas has lost 15 straight games, the longest active FBS streak.16 days: Peyton Manning wore No. 16 for Tennessee.17 days: TCU QBs completed 17 of 17 passes in a game in 2012, an FBS record.18 days: Ohio State has won an FBS-best 18 consecutive road games.19 days: There are 19 head coaches at their alma mater this season.20 days: It has been 20 years since Florida won its first national championship.21 days:?Oklahoma led the nation in average scoring margin (21.5) last season.22 days: Ohio State has been in the top 10 of the AP poll for 22 straight weeks.23 days:?Virginia Tech has played in an FBS-best 23 straight bowl games.24 days:?In the first game of the historic rivalry, Navy beat Army 24-0.25 days:?Michigans Desmond Howard won the Heisman 25 years ago.26 days:?Arkansas State led the nation with 26 interceptions in 2015.27 days: Clemsons Greg Huegel led the nation with 27 field goals in 2015.28 days: Adrian Peterson wore No. 28 for Oklahoma.29 days: Alabamas Bryant-Denny Stadium opened in 1929.30 days: Miamis Vinny Testaverde won the Heisman 30 years ago. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
MINNEAPOLIS --?Minnesota Golden Gophers?linebacker Cody Poock?has been scheduled for season-ending surgery on his shoulder. Colts Youth Jerseys .Gophers coach Tracy Claeys said Tuesday that the decision was made to give Poock the opportunity to recover as soon as possible from the procedure. Claeys says Poocks lingering injury isnt doing anybody any good. He didnt say when Poock would have the surgery.Nick Rallis has replaced Poock in the lineup in Minnesotas base defense. Poock, a junior who started his career at Iowa Western Community College, sat out the 2014 season with a knee injury. This year, he has 24 tackles in seven games, with one sack.Minnesota plays at No. 21 Nebraska on Saturday. Rallis must sit out the first half of that game after being ejected for targeting last week against Purdue. Cheap Colts Jerseys . Ryan Garbutt had a goal and two assists as Dallas snapped a six-game losing streak with a 5-2 victory over the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night. Colts Womens Jerseys . It was the second consecutive win for the Pacers (2-5), who lost their first five preseason games. Jeff Teague led the Hawks (1-5) with 17 points and eight assists and Al Horford had 12 points and seven rebounds. Mike Scott scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half. . The Americans, skipped by John Shuster, seized the advantage in the eighth end by scoring five points for a 7-3 lead. The Czechs pulled two back in the ninth, but Shusters team of third Jeff Isaacson, second Jared Zezel and lead John Landsteiner ended with another point to secure the last Olympic berth on offer. LAKE FOREST, Ill. --- Chicago Bears Pro Bowl guard Kyle Long was placed on injured reserve on Tuesday with a right ankle injury, the team announced.Long was injured on a second-and-goal play from the 7-yard line when quarterback Jay Cutler pitched the ball to fullback Paul Lasike, who ran up the middle for a short 3-yard gain, in Chicagos 36-10 loss to Tampa Bay last Sunday.Long did not get up after the play as trainers and doctors rushed onto the field. Chicagos medical staff eventually put a brace on Longs right leg before placing him on the cart. Several of Longs teammates attempted to encourage and console him before he went back to the locker room.Its tough, said Cutler. He has had a bunch of injuries to one side of his body and now the lower half takes a hit too. Hes going to be a hard guy to replace.A three-time Pro Bowl selection, Long had played injured all year. He tore his left labrum in the preseason, and then he suffered a trriceps strain that kept him out of the Bears Week 8 victory over Minnesota. Colts Jerseys Store. One of Chicagos team leaders, Long signed a lucrative four-year contract extension prior to the beginning of the regular season.Long is one of only seven Bears players to earn Pro Bowl nods in each of his first three professional seasons, a list that includes Hall of Famers Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka and Gayle Sayers.The Bears also activated wide receiver Marquess Wilson from the physically unable to perform list, signed defensive lineman C.J. Wilson and offensive lineman Cornelius Edison, and placed defensive lineman Will Sutton on injured reserve.Wilson is one of Chicagos receivers tabbed to replace Alshon Jeffery, who received a four-game suspension on Monday for violating the NFLs policy on performance-enhancing substances. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Editors note: This piece was originally published in July. Wholesale Rams Jerseys . Rams Official Jerseys . The 25-year-old Japanese star has officially been posted by his club team, the Rakuten Golden Eagles. Rams Stitched Jerseys . Then the Pacers gave Oladipo and his Orlando teammates the cold shoulder. Paul Georges buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter spurred a 21-4 run, finally sending Indiana past the Magic 97-87 in a tougher-than-expected opening night matchup. . LOUIS -- Theres no telling how these wacky World Series games will end. TAMPA, Fla. -- The Buccaneers signed free-agent wide receiver Cecil Shorts III on Tuesday.Shorts, 28, was cut by the Houston Texans on Saturday.The Bucs receiving corps lacks experience behind Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, with Louis Murphy, last years third receiver, on the physically unable to perform list.Second-year receiver Adam Humphries will contribute significantly as a slot receiver and as a punt and kick returner on special teams, and?Russell Shepards primary focus remains special teams.Wide receiver Evan Spencer, who has played in just one regular-season game, was waived when the Buccaneers signed Shorts.?Last season, Shorts battled hamstring and shoulder injuries but managed to start four games. He caught 42 passes for 484 receiving yarrds and two touchdowns. Rams Womens Jerseys. The previous year in Jacksonville, he started 12 games, catching 53 passes for 557 yards and a touchdown. His best season came in 2012, his second season, when he had 979 receiving yards and seven touchdowns.Shorts spent four seasons in Jacksonville, including his 2011 rookie season with then-offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, now the Bucs head coach.Asked what he thinks it will be like to work with Bucs quarterback Jameis Winson, Shorts said he wasnt sure yet but heard hes just a great leader and just a winner, so Im excited.Information from ESPNs Britt McHenry?was used in this report. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
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