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ESPN Chalks Vegas experts are here to provide analysis and best bets for all Week 4 games, including the Carolina-Atlanta?matchup. Alec Burks Jersey .Note: All odds courtesy of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook as of Friday morning.Home page for all Week 4 gamesMatchup: Carolina Panthers-Atlanta FalconsSpread:?Opened Carolina -3.5; now? Carolina -3 (-120) Total: Opened 46; now 50.5 PickCenter public consensus pick: 65 percent CarolinaPublic perception: I was afraid the Falcons winning on ESPNs Monday Night Football might put more people on them, but Im glad to see that the Panthers are getting more of the publics money. Jae Crowder Jersey . The team said Saturday that Lopez was hurt during its 121-120 overtime loss at Philadelphia on Friday. The Nets said they would issue another update next week after consultation with their doctors. Utah Jazz Jerseys . LOUIS -- Alexander Steen scored a power-play goal with 59. Out of everyone who threw enough innings to qualify for the ERA title, no one finished with a lower average than Kyle Hendricks. And, heck, he led MLB by 31 points, which is the same as the difference between Chris Sale and Jerad Eickhoff. Hendricks might get rewarded with the National League Cy Young, but even if he doesnt, he has proven himself, a feather in the cap for everyone who has ever said its better to be a pitcher than a thrower. If you go back to the Chicago Cubs getting Hendricks from the Texas Rangers in a trade for Ryan Dempster all the way back in 2012, it wasnt just one lopsided trade that helped the Cubs to build a championship rotation.However, Hendricks 2.13 ERA is worthy of closer examination. Whenever you see any extreme data point, you should ask yourself, how likely is this to repeat? Theres no question that Hendricks has become a quality starter. Theres no question hes one of the most valuable Cubs, and indeed, one of the more valuable starting pitchers. Yet Hendricks season was at least partially the result of some extraordinary circumstances. In part, it was about Hendricks. In part, it was about everyone else around him. But its almosst impossible to imagine the same season happening again. Jeff Hornacek Jersey. To start with some little stuff: Hendricks isnt a contact pitcher, but hes also not a high-strikeout guy. He struck out batters at a rate a couple points higher than average. He also walked batters at a rate a couple points lower than average. Put the rates together and you get K-BB percentage (or K-BB%). Hendricks finished last year at 17 percent, while the average was 13 percent. That makes Hendricks compare well to frequent comp Greg Maddux, but when Maddux ran a K-BB% of 15 percent between 1992-2001, the average was 7 percent. Baseball has changed -- strikeouts are everywhere. Hendricks has a long, long way to go if he wants to be a real Maddux 2.0.Hendricks is good in part because he does get his strikeouts. Hes boosted, as well, by the fact that he limits his free passes. But just in terms of K-BB percentage, Hendricks was the same as Julio Teheran and John Lackey. Hendricks thrived because of his timing, and because so many batted balls were turned into outs. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
If youre running the Toronto Raptors, do you decline Bryan Colangelos final option year in order to chase Phil Jackson, even if you have no guarantee that hed relocate north of the border? Thats the question facing the organization, as MLSE is purportedly set to announce whether or not Colangelo will have a future with the Toronto Raptors within the next several days. Cheap Air Jordan 11 Retro All Star . The Raptors are rumoured to be enamoured with the idea of bringing Jackson in to run their entire organization, and Jacksons ties with the new MLSE president and CEO Tim Leiweke have given their pursuit a serious dose of credibility. However, its unlikely that the Raptors would be able to nail down a commitment (one way or the other) from Jackson within their self-imposed timeframe to make a decision on Colangelo, so the Raptors have to start making decisions blind and hope that they can find their way in the dark. The decision, at this point, seems to basically come down to this: a) ditch Colangelo and go all-in on Jackson, pitching him total control of an organization in a major North American market and, no doubt, a paycheque with lots of zeros, or b) keep Colangelo and let him continue to build upon the foundation that hes been assembling for the last few years. Neither option is exactly a no-brainer and the risks on both sides are significant. The first option, if it panned out, would bring one of historys great basketball minds to the Raptors, instantly upgrading their cache throughout the league. It would also give the organization someone with the kind of clout that can make everyone who works beneath him sit up and pay attention. No, he wouldnt be coaching, but hed be someone who knew what hed want in a coach and hed know how to work with a coach to design an organizational structure that would suit both of their needs. Jackson is a man of grand vision, and history has proven that he knows how to execute on his ambitions. Of course, even if the Raptors go all-out in a hunt for Jackson, there is no guarantee that theyd be able to land him. Jackson will never have a shortage of suitors and, while the Raptors have every reason to believe theyd be taken seriously by the Zen Master, there is no certainty that theyd be a frontrunner or his eventual landing spot. If the Raptors fired their long-time general manager only to chase a replacement that eventually signs elsewhere (or worse, decides to stay unemployed), it would be the third time in four summers that the organization was publicly spurned by a big-name target (Chris Bosh in 2010 and Steve Nash in 2012). The Raptors have long fought against the perception that they are not a legitimate destination in the minds of many NBA personalities, and such high-profile rejections only add to that reputation. It never helps ones recruiting pitch to have to fight against the belief that no one else seems to want to join your ranks. To compound the possible negatives, if the Raptors decide to go after Jackson and miss out, they will head into a crucial off-season behind the eight ball as they set out to restructure their corporate hierarchy while everyone else begins restocking their rosters. Theyve already spent a month just deciding what to do with Colangelo, and if they fire him and miss out on Jackson, theyll be shopping for a GM while everyone else is shopping for players - hardly an enviable spot to put yourself in. Of course, there are risks the other way, as well. Colangelo has significantly under-performed relative to the expectations set at his feet when he first arrived in Toronto. Now the team is riding a five-year playoff absence and is pressed hard against the salary cap with no pick in the upcoming draft. Colangelo keeps making one questionable move for every savvy move and its kept the team stagnating for the better part of seven years. While Colangelo has proven in the past that he can assemble a powerhouse roster, hes getting further and further away from that point in his career with little evidence that hes about to rediscover that Phoenix Suns magic. So what should the Raptors do? I say go for the splash and chase Phil Jackson. This organization has been running in place for so long that theyve probably forgotten what forward momentum feels like. If they can land Jackson, good on them for bagging the big fish. If not, then at least they can start taking steps towards some other future. Colangelo has been given more time at the head of the Raptors than any man before him and he has given fans precious little during that time to get excited about. Its not that any voice would be better than Colangelos, in fact a great many would probably prove to be far worse, but the Raptors have had seven years to evaluate the man and what hes given them to sift through hardly offers a ringing endorsement. Maybe chasing Jackson is less about landing Jackson than providing MLSE and the Raptors with an excuse to start looking in another direction. Landing Colangelo was a huge deal back in 2006, but in 2013 the excitement has long since worn off. The NBA is about chasing success, and its time that the Raptors started doing that again. Cheap Air Jordan 11 Retro Rose . -- Edmontons Val Sweeting is two wins away from a trip to Winnipeg to play in Canadas Road of the Rings in December. Cheap Air Jordan 11 Retro Pink . But the quarterback hopes to stay involved in football after officially calling it quits Tuesday. "Id love to look at those opportunities as they arise," Pierce said in an interview from his Winnipeg eatery. . PETERSBURG, Fla. If the all-time XI is any indication, this is the golden age of Indian cricket. Four players in the list - Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, MS Dhoni - are currently in the national side and two others, Anil Kumble and Javagal Srinath, retired fairly recently. The trouble with golden ages is that they are seldom recognised as such by those living through them. In sport especially, greatness is usually bestowed retrospectively. Perhaps it is no coincidence that India are currently the No. 1 side in the world.That six of the XI made their debuts after November 1989, when Tendulkar first announced himself to the world, is a tribute to the Mumbai mans impact. Golden Ages must have their iconic figure and Tendulkar is clearly the one here, both for what he has accomplished himself and for his qualities that inspired the others.The XI, so heavily tipped in favour of the modern players, has only two cricketers who appeared before independence. Vijay Hazare and Vinoo Mankad both made their debuts at Lords in 1946. Mankad was 29 and opened the batting with Vijay Merchant; Hazare was 31 and opened the bowling with Lala Amarnath, although each was to become better known for his other skill.Erapalli Prasanna alone of the spin quartet of the 60s and 70s makes the cut. S Venkatraghavan might have been the offspinner of choice towards the end of Prasannas career, but in an all-time XI, Prasannas greater variety and classicism were bound to make the difference. The presence of Mankad with his dual skills kept Bishan Bedi out, while Bhagwath Chandrasekhar had to make way for Anil Kumble with his superior record and aggressive outlook.Four players - Sunil Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Kapil Dev and Mankad - were unanimous choices, while Sehwag, Dravid and Kumble were nearly so.The bowling attack is well balanced, with three different types of spinners and two fast-medium men. There is no left-hand batsman, and that speaks of a lack of variety in the middle order. Syed Kirmani might have run Dhoni close for the wicketkeepers slot, and with a re-jigging of the batting order it might have been possible to include Zaheer Khan (again, for variety). Perhaps he might have been in the 12.Nine of the 11 have captained India, so who should get the vote here? A case can be made for Hazare. Or Gavaskar. But for the dignity he brought to the job, his commitment to the team and the game itself, and his demonstration through the 14 Tests he led in that you can be aggressive without being boorish, my vote would go to Anil Kumble.Tendulkar might have set up the golden age and been its most obvious representative, but it was Kumble whose bowling secured the victories that made the difference in that period.The XI1 Sunil GavaskarMy view is that Sunny Gavaskar is the greatest batsman I have come across. He has opened the innings against genuine fast bowlers like Michael Holding, Roberts, Croft and Garner. He has made more runs away from India - in the West Indies, Australia and England. Garry Sobers2 Virender SehwagVirender destroys all strategies. He brings the excitement and drama from the first ball. If Test cricket is still alive, it is because of players like him. Matthew Hayden3 Rahul DravidOnce Dravid was set, you needed the bowling equivalent of a dozen cannon firing all at once to blast him down. Shane WarneHe has the technique and his record proves his ability on all surfaces. Ian Botham4 Sachin TendulkarIf I had a son I would have wanted him to play like Sachin. Brian LaraTendullkar is one of that narrow stratum of elite sports stars whom people will clamour and even make great sacrifices to watch, regardless of their national identity. Cheap Air Jordan 11 Retro All White. . If you care for cricket, you must love Sachin. In this regard, his peers are few - and mostly found in other sports, and certainly in other lands. Mike MarquseeHe is No. 1 in my book - the best player I have ever had the privilege of bowling to. Theres Steve Waugh and theres Brian Lara, but Tendulkar is a class above, consistently special. Allan Donald5 Vijay HazareHazare was one of the most graceful batsmen it was my pleasure to see and perhaps the best compliment I can pay him is to say that his batting more closely resembled that of the great West Indian star Sir Frank Worrell, than anyone I can remember. Don Bradman6 Vinoo MankadVinoo was unorthodox - more bent on getting on the offensive than defensive but he also had tremendous powers of concentration. Nari ContractorAlthough called upon to bowl so often on all types of wickets Mankad rarely departed from a perfect length and, even if not carrying all before him on a wet wicket he was rarely mastered. Indeed but for the shortcomings of some of his fieldsmen, his number of wickets [on the 1946 tour of England] might have been increased by as many as 40 to 50. Wisden Cricketers Almanack7 Kapil DevKapil Dev, whether batting, bowling or fielding, is a spectators delight. Fred TruemanHe was a fantastic cricketer and he was a great asset for Indian cricket during his time at the helm. He set the pace for them early on and he came to the fore and did wonderfully well - he played like a true champion and was a brilliant leader. Clive Lloyd8 MS DhoniHe is exceptional. He can play purely as a batsman or as a wicketkeeper. He doesnt jump at the ball while keeping and collects cleanly, moves well. He is a fine leader and has forged the team aggressively. He reads the game well … it helps that he is a wicketkeeper. Wasim BariDhoni is the kind of guy who will create something and win matches. Kiran More9 Anil KumbleAnil Kumble became the best cricketer he could be and to me that is worthy of the highest honour. He redefined spin bowling in India, he was a game changer, and he soared above peoples initial expectations of him to become a giant in the game. He was one of the most aggressive cricketers India has produced and carried that aggression with unfailing dignity and class. Harsha Bhogle10 Javagal SrinathAs one who has been privileged to watch and comment upon his best bowling displays at home, in England in 1996 and in South Africa in 1996-97, I can say that he made me feel proud to be an Indian. Rajan BalaSrinath, by far the quickest Indian bowler of our era, could unsettle the best with the steep bounce he could produce even on unhelpful tracks. Though an underachiever, given the quality of his bowling, he is a perfect foil to Kapil Devs control and incisive swing. Pradeep Magazine11 Erapalli PrasannaHe could drift the ball either way, and then there was the sharp spin coming off the smoothest use of the wrist. Much as Bradman rated Bill OReilly the best bowler he saw, Ian Chappell, who batted in an era rich with spin bowling talent, held a similar opinion of Pras. Its all in the wrist, said Muttiah Muralitharan about his success. Pras had that wonderful wrist that gave him his great range in the air. R Mohan Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
Hakeem Nicks lasted less than two weeks with the New Orleans Saints before he was released on Monday to make room for long-snapper Chris Highland. Cheap New Balance Running Shoes .Nicks, 28, was so excited about joining the Saints offense this summer that he said he was texting coach Sean Payton each week. But the former New York Giants standout was inconsistent in practice and apparently didnt show enough for the Saints to keep him around.Now Nicks might be running out of opportunities to get his career back on track.I think we felt deep enough right now with receivers, and we were looking to add a long-snapper, just to take some stress off [starter?Justin Drescher], Payton said.The Saints were the first team to give Nicks a chance this offseason, as his career has stalled in recent years, partly because of injury.Nicks caught just seven passes for 54 yards in six games last season after returning to the Giants in November. Before that, he spent the 2014 season with the Indianapolis Colts and the 2015 preseason with the Tennessee Titans.Nicks (6-foot-1, 208 pounds) had a terrific start to his career as a first-round draft pick out of North Carolina in 2009. He had two 1,000-yard seasons in 2010 and 11 and won a Super Bowl with the Giants. He has 356 catches for 5,081 yards and 31 touchdowns in his career.The Saints should be fine at receiver, although they are extremely young with Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead, rookie Michael Thomas and Brandon Coleman as their top four receivers. None is older than 24.In another transaction Monday, the Saints activated left tackle Terron Armstead from the physically unable to perform list.Armstead, the outstanding young tackle who signed an extension worth $13 million per year this offseason, has been sidelined since the start of camp with an unspecified soft-tissue injury. Payton said Armstead wont play in Thursdays preseason opener at the New England Patriots. Wholesale New Balance Shoes . They reached the 100-point plateau for the fourth time in five games, bested the visiting Trail Blazers by 34 in the paint and scored 19 of the final 25 points in regulation. New Balance Shoes From China .S. hockey team after paying his dues as an NHL general manager for more than three decades and giving up a lot of his free time to help USA Hockey. . - Goaltender Philippe Desrosiers of the Rimouski Oceanic has broken a shutout record that was only three months old in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. DETROIT -- Matt Boyd was pulled before he retired a single batter, and the Detroit Tigers spent the rest of the game trying to find anyone who could keep the Kansas City bats quiet.No luck.Boyd allowed five hits and four runs before being taken out, and the Tigers went on to lose 12-9 to the Royals on Sunday, falling 1 1/2 games behind Baltimore in the race for the American Leagues second wild card. Victor Martinez hit a grand slam for Detroit, but the Tigers were already in a substantial hole by that point.In a game like this, you are hoping to get a big hit to get back into the game, and we got several of those, manager Brad Ausmus said. It just wasnt enough to overcome runs, and frankly, you are almost never going to overcome 12 runs.Kansas City started the game with a single by Billy Burns, a triple by Merrifield and a double by Kendrys Morales before Salvador Perezs two-run homer made it 4-0. It was the first time the Royals first four hitters combined for a cycle since Sept. 30, 2006, also at Detroit.Boyd (6-5) lasted only one more hitter after Perezs homer, giving up another hit before being pulled. The Tigers loss cut Clevelands magic number to clinch the AL Central to one -- the Indians start a four-game series in Detroit on Monday night.Boyd said he understood 100 percent why he was taken out so quickly.I might have been able to work myself through it, but the margin of error is zero right now, he said. Every run is important right now and so is every game.The Royals led 7-0 after Cheslor Cuthbert and Raul Mondesi hit consecutive homers in the third.Dillon Gee (8-9) got the win in relief, and Wade Davis pitched the ninth for his 26th save in 29 chances. Miguel Cabrera came up as the tying run but lined out to shallow left field to end it.Plate umpire Dan Iassogna ejected Cameron Maybin from the Detroit dugout during that final at-bat.Martinez hit a grand slam in the third to make it 7-4, aand the Tigers loaded the bases again that inning, chasing starter Edinson Volquez in the process. New Balance Shoes Store. But Andrew Romines bunt attempt with two outs was fielded easily by reliever Peter Moylan, and the force at home ended the inning.Detroit tried several former starters in long relief -- Anibal Sanchez, Shane Greene and Mike Pelfrey all pitched -- in an attempt to keep the game close, but the Royals kept adding runs. Alex Gordons two-run homer in the sixth made it 11-5.Kansas City let the Tigers creep back into it by the end. Justin Upton hit a solo homer in the seventh, and Detroit also scored two runs on wild pitches, the second of which made it 11-9 in the eighth.The Royals held on, though, to avoid being mathematically eliminated from the postseason chase.Maybin had four hits for the Tigers.VERSATILEKansas Citys Whit Merrifield played first base for the first time this season. Hes also played second, third, left field and right field.Its always fun to switch up the angles for me, see the ball from a different perspective, he said. I got a couple balls. I didnt get to pick one.MARATHONSThe 3-hour, 51-minute game was Detroits longest nine-inning contest of the season. The Tigers played 3:50 against the Royals on Saturday.TRAINERS ROOMTigers: RHP Jordan Zimmermann, who has been dropped from the rotation as he struggles to come back from neck problems, pitched for the first time since Sept. 10. He pitched the last three innings in relief, allowing one run and four hits.UP NEXTRoyals: After an off day Monday, Kansas City starts RHP Ian Kennedy (11-10) against Minnesota RHP Jose Berrios (2-7) on Tuesday night.Tigers: Detroit sends RHP Buck Farmer (0-0) to the mound Monday against Cleveland RHP Corey Kluber (18-9).---Follow Noah Trister at Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
DENTON, Texas -- Brent Stockstill passed for 295 yards with a pair of touchdowns and Middle Tennessees defense clamped down during a 30-13 victory over North Texas on Saturday night. Mens Nike Tanjun 2019 .The win boosts the Blue Raiders to 4-1 (2-0 in Conference USA) for this first time since 2001 when they started 5-0.After giving up a 17-play drive and an early touchdown, Middle Tennessees defense held North Texas scoreless on its next nine possessions as Stockstill and Canon Rooker rang up five straight scores to lead 23-7 into the fourth quarter.Rooker kicked a career-high three field goals and Stockstill went 24-of-45 passing with a pair of touchdowns. The defense forced North Texas (2-3, 1-1) to punt eight times, including six three-and-outs.Mason Fine ended the drought with a 5-yard pass to Kelvin Smith with 1:57 to play. ITavius Smith bounced the Blue Raiders right back with a 46-yard TD after the ensuing onside kick. White Nike Tanjun . The 28-year-old from Calgary matched his career best after missing just one shot in his two rounds of shooting in the mens 10-kilometre sprint competition. Smith finished in 23 minutes 15. Grey Nike Tanjun . -- Sergey Tolchinksy scored his second goal of the game 3:56 into overtime as the Sault Ste. . Wilson hit Schenn from behind during Tuesday nights game in Philadelphia, earning a five-minute major for charging and a game misconduct. He has a phone hearing with the department of player safety, which limits any potential suspension to five or fewer games. DALLAS -- When the Dallas Mavericks signed Harrison Barnes to a max contract in the offseason, they probably had nights like this in mind.With the team in search of its first win and two starters out, Barnes scored a career-high 34 points and the Mavericks beat the Milwaukee Bucks 86-75 in overtime Sunday.Barnes, who left Golden State to sign a $94 million, four-year contract with Dallas, has scored at least 30 points twice this season after hitting the mark only once in his four years with the Warriors.His 20-foot jumper opened the scoring in overtime, and the Mavericks (1-5) never trailed in the extra period, outscoring the Bucks 12-1 and forcing five turnovers.I think the biggest thing that Coach (Rick Carlisle) has told me is just look for my shot and be aggressive, Barnes said. My teammates have a lot of confidence in me and when I was able to get into a good rhythm, the basket got bigger and bigger.Dallas played without starters Dirk Nowitzki (right Achilles soreness) and Deron Williams (left calf strain).J.J. Barea added 21 points for Dallas, including five in overtime.Jabari Parker led Milwaukee with 16 points, only two after halftime. Greg Monroe had 14 points and 12 rebounds for the Bucks, who had won three straight.I didnt finish really well, Parker said. Id rather have a bad first half and have a good second half.Wesley Matthews shook off a 3-for-17 shooting night to hit a 3-pointer with 59 seconds remaining in overtime that put the Mavs up by nine.Barnes driving layup with 13 seconds to play in regulation tied the score at 74. Giannis Antetokounmpos long jumper at the buzzer missed, forcing overtime.The Bucks led by 13 points in the first quarter but went cold in the second and trailed 47-39 at the break.Barnes scored 19 points in the first half, including nine in a 14-0 Dallas run to end the half. It was the Mavericks first lead at the end of any quarter this season.TIP-INSBucks: Antetokounmpo picked up two fouls in the first 1:37 and played only 6 minutes in a scoreless first half. Red Womens Nike Tanjun. . He finished with 11 points. . The Bucks had 27 turnovers.Mavericks: The team honored longtime team physician J.R. Zamorano, who died June 12 at age 81, with a moment of silence before the game. Players wore uniform patches and Mavericks coaches wore lapel pins with the letters JRZ. . Andrew Bogut, back in the lineup after missing Fridays game for personal reasons, had 16 rebounds.BREAKING INDallas rookie Dorian Finney-Smith played 31 minutes, including most of the second half and overtime, after playing less than 5 minutes cumulatively over the first five games.He finished with five points, the first of his NBA career. More importantly, he defended Antetokounmpo on the final possession of regulation, forcing the long miss. The team gave Finney-Smith a game ball after the game.It felt good to know that (Carlisle) trusts me enough to play me down the stretch to get stops, Finney-Smith said. Thats what I like to do. I like to play defense.SLOWING DOWN THE BUCKSMilwaukee had scored 117 or more points in three consecutive games for the first time since February 2009. But the Mavericks held the Bucks to 75 by taking away the two things they like to do most -- score in the paint and on the fast break. The Bucks had only 28 points in the paint, less than half their season average of 57, and managed just 12 points in transition as Dallas often used the entire shot clock on offense.We couldnt find stops, Parker said. When we find stops we are able to go out in transition. They eliminated that by playing the clock out.UP NEXTBucks: Host the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday. The Bucks beat the Pelicans 117-113 on Tuesday.Mavericks: At the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, the start of a four-game road trip that takes Dallas to both coasts.---This story has been corrected to show Monroe had 12 rebounds. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
What a way for Seattle and New England to cap the most exciting and enticing day of the NFLs largely lackluster season:Tom Brady floating an end-zone fade for Rob Gronkowski with Kam Chancellor in coverage -- three of the leagues best players -- on fourth-and-goal from the 1 with 11 seconds left to decide the outcome of a Super Bowl rematch from two seasons ago and possible championship preview for this season. Nelson Semedo Jersey .This is the sort of Sunday that draws folks in and doesnt let them go.A really cool night of football, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after his teams 31-24 victory at the Patriots.There really was nothing missing, from start to finish and everything in between, including:- a potential winning extra point blocked and returned for a winning defensive 2-point conversion by the reigning champion Broncos to stun the Saints (with the bonus talking point of whether the guy who ran the ball back should have been ruled out of bounds or was spared that embarrassment because, as the league acknowledged afterward, his white shoes might or might not have blended in with the white sideline);- a fake-spike TD pass by Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown for the Steelers that was one-upped moments later by Ezekiel Elliotts 32-yard TD run with 9 seconds left for the Cowboys in a game that somehow included a half-dozen missed 2-point conversions;- an apparently harmless completion with less than 30 seconds left in a tied game that was meandering toward overtime suddenly transformed into a turnover by Chiefs defensive back Marcus Peters, who ripped the ball away from Panthers wideout Kelvin Benjamin and set up Kansas Citys winning, final-play field goal.And so much more.It all ended when Bradys pass for his elite tight end fell incomplete. Gronkowski and Chancellor, a superb safety, exchanged contact, but there was no flag, seemingly a miracle these days.It came down to one yard at the end, Brady lamented, and we didnt get it.The game was suspenseful as can be: Not only was the outcome settled in the closing seconds, but there were seven lead changes, the same number as in Dallas 35-30 win at Pittsburgh, marking the first time in NFL history there were two such exceedingly back-and-forth games on one day.It was chock-full of individual excellence from some of the sports biggest names (Brady and Russell Wilson each threw for more than 300 yards; Richard Sherman recovered a fumble) as well as lesser-known-but-still-talented players (Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount and Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin each scored three TDs).And it even offered some water-cooler conversation starters about two of the leagues best coaches.Was it really best for Bill Belichick to have Brady run the ball more times (twice) from inside the 2 than Blount (once) on the final sequence? (Brings to mind a certain decision not to run the ball at the goal line late in another game between these two teams, doesnt it?)Did it really make sense for Pete Carroll to have Seattle try a 2-point conversion (that failed) for what would have been a nine-point lead at the end, instead of taking the extra point for an eight-point edge?We wanted to see, Carroll said, if we could put it out of reach.In case you missed it, here are other top topics after the NFL seasons 10th Sunday:HE DID WHAT?!Do yourself a favor and check out Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winstons one-of-a-kind play , when he scrambled this way and that for more than 10 seconds, covering more than 20 yards in the wrong direction -- all the way back to his own end zone -- before completing a 39-yard pass to a leaping Mike Evans that traveled a lot more than that. Then, one play later, Winston tossed a 43-yard TD pass to Freddie Martino in a 36-10 victory over Chicago.DEMARCOS NOT DONEIf anyone thought DeMarco Murray was done -- and Tennessee, lest anyone forget, used a second-round pick on Derrick Henry this year -- the running back sure put on a show in the Titans 47-25 win over Aaron Rodgers and the slumping Packers. On his teams first play from scrimmage, Murray went 75 yards for a touchdown, tying Hall of Famer Earl Campbells franchise record of five consecutive games with a TD on the ground. Then, for good measure, Murray threw for a score, too.---For more NFL coverage: and Howard Fendrich on Twitter at Ousmane Dembele Jersey . Marincin has played in two NHL games so far this season with two penalty minutes. The 21-year-old has three goals, four assists and a plus-5 rating in 24 games with the American Hockey Leagues Oklahoma City Barons this season. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Jersey . LOUIS -- Cardinals cleanup hitter Allen Craig says hes recovered from a foot injury and ready to be put on St. .Y. - New York City has been selected to host the NBA All-Star weekend in 2015, with the game played at Madison Square Garden and the slam dunk contest and other skills events held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.DETROIT -- Torii Hunter put the Detroit Tigers ahead with his bat and scored two runs with his 38-year-old legs to help the Detroit Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 7-1 on Wednesday night. Minnesota let the AL Central-leading Tigers score four runs with two outs in the seventh, and three more with two outs in the eighth. On a pivotal play in the seventh, right fielder Chris Hermann failed to get to Hunters drive between him and centre fielder Clete Thomas, allowing Austin Jackson to score easily from first. After Miguel Cabrera was walked intentionally, Prince Fielder struck out, but backup catcher Ryan Doumit let the ball get past him and relief pitcher Caleb Thielbar didnt cover home plate. That mistake gave Hunter a clear path to score. "I was always told by Kirby Puckett, Be a hyena. Always take advantage of the weak link," Hunter said. "I saw the pitcher sitting there, looking at the play and the plate was wide open. That play never develops if Prince doesnt run. He did what he had to do, make them throw the ball and I was able to score." Twins manager Ron Gardenhire lamented the mental mistake by the 26-year-old Thielbar. "The kid got caught watching the play and didnt get to home plate," Gardenhire said. "Thats automatic. You have to cover the plate. He knows that better than anyone right now." Victor Martinez followed with an RBI double to put Detroit up 4-1. Twins second baseman Brian Dozier bobbled a grounder in the eighth, the teams first error in six games, and the miscue loaded the bases for Cabrera, who cleared them with his 25th double that gave him 123 RBIs. The Tigers pinch-ran for Cabrera, who has been playing in pain, but felt better Wednesday than he did Tuesday when he aggravated a strain in his groin, abdominal and hip area. "I was pleased with his health," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. Drew Smyly (5-0) struck out two in a perfect inning in relief of Anibal Sanchez. Jose Veras entered with two outs in the eighth inning and closed the game for his first save with the Tigers. Kevin Correia (8-10) allowed four runs -- two earned -- and nine hits over 6 2-3 innings. "I got us right into the position we needed to be, and I blew it," he said. Luis Suarez Jersey. Sanchez gave up one run and six hits over 6 2-3 innings. "Both starters were terrific," Leyland said. "Then, we finally broke through." And, Hunter had a lot to do with that. "Hes one of the toughest players Ive ever managed," Leyland said. "In big situations, he gets tougher." Gardenhire knows that perhaps as much as anyone because he was his manager for several years, and was among the least surprised at Comerica Park when he took advantage of the Twins poor play. "Weve seen him do things like that so many times," he said. "Thats just the way he plays the game. He had a huge at-bat, flipped the ball the other way for the double, and then he makes the hustle play when we fall asleep." After six scoreless innings, Dozier hit a two-out single in the seventh to give Minnesota the lead -- briefly. Pedro Florimon drew a walk on a full-count pitch in the seventh. He stole second, the 15th straight stolen base against the Tigers, who were relegated to using their third-best catcher, Bryan Holaday, who was filling in for injured backup Brayan Pena and starter Alex Avila who is on the concussion disabled list. The Tigers gave up a 16th straight stolen base later in the inning, extending the longest active streak in the major leagues, according to STATS LLC. Minnesota was without All-Star catcher Joe Mauer for the second straight day because he is on the seven-day concussion DL. Both teams had five hits through four innings and combined to leave 10 runners on base. Minnesotas Justin Morneau had two of his teams first four hits, including a double in the third, a day after having a season-high four hits. NOTES: Avila was cleared for a rehab assignment, and is scheduled to play for Triple-A Toledo on Thursday at Louisville. ... The Twins recalled Chris Colabello from Triple-A Rochester to take Joe Mauers spot on the roster, and put the rookie at 1B on Wednesday. ... Pena missed the game with a bruised big right toe. ... The Twins expect RHP Samuel Deduno (biceps tendinitis) to make his scheduled start Friday at Cleveland. 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SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Giants hoped the home-field advantage in the final three games of the regular season would work to their benefit in the race with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League West crown. Cheap Air Max 97 Grey .Turns out, it wont.That said, the Giants are still glad to be at AT&T Park this weekend.San Francisco needs a series win -- perhaps even a sweep -- against Los Angeles in the three-game set that begins Friday night. But it is not the Dodgers that San Francisco is battling.The Giants (84-75) are sandwiched between the New York Mets (85-74) and St. Louis Cardinals (83-76) in the three-team battle for the two NL wild cards. The Mets lead the Giants by one game, with the Cardinals currently on the outside looking in, one game back of San Francisco.Its exciting, Giants manager Bruce Bochy said after his team retained its lead over the Cardinals with a 7-2 win over the Colorado Rockies on Thursday night. We wish we were in a better position, but you dont stop fighting.The Dodgers, meanwhile, clinched the NL West last Sunday, and they have little to play for as the series begins.Los Angeles is locked into a first-round playoff matchup with the Washington Nationals, champs of the NL East. That series will open in Washington unless the Dodgers (91-68) can catch the Nationals (93-66) in the overall standings.The Dodgers won the season series from the Nationals 5-1, so they would get home-field advantage in the best-of-five should the teams finish the regular season in a tie.San Francisco staff ace Madison Bumgarner will duel Los Angeles newcomer Rich Hill in the Giants-Dodgers series opener.Bumgarner (14-9, 2.71 ERA) will get a rematch with the Dodgers after he wasnt involved in the decision Sept. 19 at Los Angeles in a thriller the Dodgers won 2-1 by scoring twice in the bottom of the ninth.The left-hander shut out Los Angeles on one hit over seven innings that night before getting into a scuffle with Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig near first base at the end of the seventh. Bochy chose to pull his standout at that point.The loss was costly for the Giants. They fell six games off the pace in the division and never seriously challenged the Dodgers again.The Giants now find themselves needing to beat their rivals just to join them in the postseason.Bumgarner is 13-9 with a 2.66 ERA in 26 career outings (25 starts) against the Dodgers.The Dodgers initially slotted their ace, Clayton Kershaw, in the Friday game, but they pushed him back to Saturday as a precaution.Kershaw hasnt allowed an earned run in his past three starts, covering 18 innings, as he works his way back into form following a 10-week absence caused by a back injury. He hasnt thrown more than 91 pitches in any of those starts.Getting Kershaw back on top of his game is critical for the Dodgers because, if fully healthy, he would be a possibility to start a potential Game 4 against the Nationals on three days rest. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts already has announced that his ace will go in Game 1.Its definitely an issue, Roberts said recently of Kershaws conditioning after the long layoff. (Pitching him on short rest) would be an honest conversation depending on where were at. Im not prepared to have that yet.While Kershaw enjoys his extra day of rest, Hill will get the call Friday. The lefty is 3-2 with a 1.53 ERA in five starts since joining Los Angeles in a trade-deadline deal with the Oakland As. Overall, he is 12-5 with a 2.05 ERA in 19 starts this year.In two starts against the Giants this year, Hill is 1-1 with a 0.82 ERA, improving his career mark against San Francisco to 3-2 with a 2.60 ERA in seven starts. Red Air Max 97 Discount . -- Jaye Marie Green shot a 4-under 68 on Thursday to increase her lead to five strokes after the second round of the LPGA Tours qualifying tournament. All White Air Max 97 . Louis. To which I would say two things: 1. Where there is smoke, there is or perhaps has been a little fire. Or, in other words, the two teams would appear to have at least spoken. And spoken is defined as one calling the other to inquire, no more, no less. . Kyle Denbrook, a soccer player from Saint Marys University, took the CIS male athlete of the week honour. Stanley, a fourth-year business administration student from Charlottetown, scored both goals in a 2-0 win over Dalhousie on Friday and tallied again in a 1-0 win over Saint Marys on Sunday. NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans made sure Adrian Peterson wouldnt hurt them.So the Minnesota defense took control.Eric Kendricks returned an interception 77 yards for a touchdown late in the third quarter and Danielle Hunter scored a 24-yard TD off a fumble return and the Vikings beat Tennessee 25-16 in their season opener Sunday.The Vikings forced three turnovers in the span of just under seven minutes and also had two sacks.The defense came through for us and made some big plays, Peterson said. They pretty much bailed us out today.The defending NFC North champs needed the help from their defense in scoring 25 straight points after being shut out in the first half with the NFLs 2015 rushing leader smothered.Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer did his best to hide his starter at quarterback after the Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater to a major knee injury Aug. 30, and after they traded their 2017 first-round draft pick to Philadelphia for Sam Bradford .The mystery finally ended when Shaun Hill, 36, took the field for the Vikings first series for his first start since 2014 when he was with the St. Louis Rams.Zimmer said Hill did well.Well take it one week at a time and see where it takes us, Zimmer said.Tennessee focused on stopping Peterson, who had 1,485 yards rushing last season, and the Titans did just that.Peterson had 31 yards on 19 carries.The Titans had a revamped roster from a new general manager for coach Mike Mularkey in his first game since having the interim tag removed in January.They also opened at home for the first time since 2012 and jumped out to a 10-0 halftime lead looking for a rare home win after going 1-7 in Nashville each of the past two seasons.Their highlight came on the first of two TD catches by DeMarco Murray, the 2014 Offensive Player of the Year, when he vaulted himself over a defender for a 6-yard TD catch just before halftime.TURNOVER MELTDOWNThe Titans were driving trailing 12-10 when Marcus Mariota tried to force a quick throw under pressure only to be picked off by Kendricks who returned it for the TD wiith 1:24 left in the third quarter. Black Mens Air Max 97. . The Titans then went three-and-out before turnovers on the next two drives. Mariota lost the ball after faking a handoff to Murray, which Hunter picked up for his own TD return. Then Murray lost a fumble.The turnovers obviously were catastrophic, Mularkey said.WALSHS WOESVikings kicker Blair Walsh kicked four field goals, including a 50-yarder. But the kicker who missed a 27-yard field goal in the playoffs, costing Minnesota in a 10-9 loss to Seattle in January, had a rough start. His first field goal from 37 hooked wide left. Zimmer sent Walsh out to attempt a 56-yarder at the end of the first half, and the kicker was well short despite being lined up in the middle of the field. The Titans missed a chance to return the kick by taking a timeout. With a second chance, Walsh still missed badly with the ball going way left out of the end zone.The kicker connected on field goals of 50 and 33 yards in the third quarter, and he added two more in the fourth. But he missed an extra point right after Kendricks interception return.MARIOTAS STRUGGLESMariota had a perfect passer rating in his NFL debut as a rookie, and his second season couldnt have started much differently. The Vikings pressured Mariota repeatedly, and he threw into coverage while being pressured on the interception. He also lost a fumble and had another turnover wiped out by a roughing the passer call.INJURIESVikings CB Xavier Rhodes was scratched after aggravating an injury in warmups. ... Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan went down grabbing the back of his left leg, and he did not return with an injured left hamstring.FANTASY IMPACTStefon Diggs caught seven passes for 103 yards for the Vikings. Titans rookie Tajae Sharpe caught seven passes for 76 yards.---Online:AP NFL website: and AP NFL Twitter feed: Teresa M. Walker at Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
Get ready for a week full of potential matchups of ranked teams in college basketballs Thanksgiving holiday tournaments. Womens Air Zoom Training Shoes .The Maui Invitational opened Monday in Lahaina, Hawaii, with an eight-team field headlined by No. 4 North Carolina, No. 13 Oregon and No. 16 Wisconsin. That tournament wraps up Wednesday, the day the Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament begins in Paradise Island, Bahamas, featuring No. 10 Louisville, No. 20 Baylor and No. 24 Michigan State.In addition, theres the NIT Season Tip-Off at the Barclays Center in New York, which could feature a Friday championship matchup between No. 19 West Virginia and No. 25 Florida State. And the AdvoCare Invitational in Orlando starts Thanksgiving Day with a field that includes No. 11 Gonzaga and No. 21 Iowa State.If the brackets fall right, there could be plenty of matchups that boost NCAA Tournament resumes when it comes to seeding and earning a close-to-home opening weekend in March.Every year, the teams that are in there, you have several teams that have chances to win a national championship, go to a Final Four, Baylor coach Scott Drew said of the Battle 4 Atlantis, adding: After this tournament, you walk away, win or lose, a better team because of the competition you faced.That looks true for several of the weeks events.KENTUCKY BACK ON TOPKentucky returned to the No. 1 spot in the AP Top 25 after Dukes loss to Kansas last week. The Wildcats (4-0) host Cleveland State on Wednesday then UT Martin on Friday before heading to the Bahamas for a Monday meeting with Arizona State.Kentucky, led by its latest stellar recruiting class, has reached No. 1 in six of coach John Caliparis eight seasons with the Wildcats. The Wildcats are 66-6 as the APs top-ranked team.Were still learning about each other, Calipari said after Sundays home win against Duquesne .TOP CONFERENCESThe Atlantic Coast Conference led the way with six teams in this weeks poll, including four in the top 10 with No. 6 Duke and No. 7 Virginia joining UNC and Louisville. In addition to FSU, Syracuse checks in at No. 18.The Blue Devils play their first game since falling from their preseason perch of No. 1 against William & Mary on Wednesday night.The Big Ten and Big 12 each managed five teams, though only one each in the top 10: No. 3 Indiana and No. 5 Kansas, respectively.The Big East has three teams in the top 12: reigning NCAA champion Villanova at No. 2, Xavier at No. 9 and Creighton at No. 12.NEWCOMERSBaylors upset of Oregon last week pushed the 20th-ranked Bears into the rankings entering the Battle 4 Atlantis, where they open against VCU.FSU and Michigan tied for the No. 25 slot as the other newcomers. Michigan visits South Carolina on Wednesday, while the Seminoles face Temple to start the NIT Season Tip-Off in Brooklyn on Thursday.WATCH LISTCincinnati (24th) and California (25th) fell out of the rankings but remain in the top five in the others receiving votes category. Yet two others in that group have a chance to play their way into next weeks poll: Miami and Wichita State.The Hurricanes open the Advocare Invitational against Stanford on Thursday and could meet both Gonzaga and Iowa State. Meanwhile, Wichita State opens play at the Battle 4 Atlantis against LSU with Louisville potentially looming the next day.---Follow Aaron Beard on Twitter at AP college basketball: and Orange Air Zoom Training Shoes . Capitals head coach Adam Oates said Ovechkin was injured in the first period against the Vancouver Canucks on Monday and clarified it was not a head injury. Yellow Air Zoom Training Shoes . With the short-handed Warriors needing help from someone -- anyone -- to stop a three-game skid, ONeal returned from right knee and groin injuries that had sidelined him for four games and put up season highs with 18 points and eight rebounds. It was just enough to help lift Golden State to a 102-101 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night. . -- PGA TOUR Canada member Steve Saunders took a three-stroke lead Saturday in the Web.Four England players have been named in the ICC World Twenty20 team of the tournament following their defeat in Sundays final. Jason Roy, Joe Root, Jos Buttler and David Willey were included in the XI, selected by a panel of former players and current commentators, including Sky Sports own Nasser Hussain.England, who were beaten by the West Indies in a thrilling conclusion to the tournament, are the only team with more than two players included. Root was Englands leading run-scorer with 249 in six innings, while Buttler scored 191 and Roy 183, including a superb 78 in the semi-final win over new Zealand.Willey took 10 wickets to lead Englands bowlers and he produced a superb spell in the final, taking 3-20 from his four overs after earlier scoring a useful 21 off 14 balls. Virat Kohli was named man of the tournament and captain of the team of the tournament Indias Virat Kohli, who was named man of the tournament after scoring 273 runs in five innings, was selected as captain.England Womens captain Charlotte Edwards and bowler Anya Shrubsole were selected for the womens team, captained by West Indies skipper Stafanie Taylor, who played a match-winning innings in their final win over New Zealand. Stafanie Taylor captained West Indies to victory in the womens tournament Edwards (202) was one of only two players - along with Taylor - to score more than 200 runs in the tournament, while Shrubsole took seven wickets and produced a superb economy rate of 4. White Air Zoom Running Shoes. 93 runs per over.Teams of the tournament:Men: Jason Roy (England), Quinton de Kock (South Africa, wkt), Virat Kohli (India, capt), Joe Root (England), Jos Buttler (England), Shane Watson (Australia), Andre Russell (West Indies), Mitchell Santner (New Zealand), David Willey (England), Samuel Badree (West Indies), Ashish Nehra (India). 12th man: Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladesh).Women: Suzie Bates (New Zealand), Charlotte Edwards (England), Meg Lanning (Australia), Stafanie Taylor (West Indies, capt), Sophie Devine (New Zealand), Rachel Priest (New Zealand, wkt), Deandra Dottin (West Indies), Megan Schutt (Australia), Sune Luus (South Africa), Leigh Kasperek (New Zealand), Anya Shrubsole (England). 12th player: Anam Amin (Pakistan). Also See: England World T20 ratings Who is your player of tournament? 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HARTFORD, Conn. Cheap Air Jordan 13 Retro Red . -- Lawyers for former Yale basketball captain Jack Montague are seeking a court order that would allow him to return to class while he fights his expulsion for what the university says was sexual misconduct.The senior point guard was thrown out of Yale in February after a university committee upheld a sexual assault complaint.Montague says the October 2014 sexual encounter was consensual, and no criminal charges were brought.He filed a federal lawsuit in June, arguing the school misled and coerced the accuser into cooperating in the complaint. The lawsuit and the motion filed Monday afternoon also allege the school wanted to make an example of the popular athlete.He has already suffered, and continues to suffer, irreparable injury -- his ability to complete his education and receive the degree he had all but earned prior to his expulsion hangs in the balance, and his employment prospects are dim, attorney Max Stern wrote in the new court filing. Only immediate relief in the form of full reinstatement as a student at Yale can rectify this damage and restore him to the position he was in prior to Yales unlawful conduct.Yale spokesman Tom Conroy called the lawsuit factually inaccurate and legally baseless and said the schools attorneys will oppose the motion.The complaint was brought in 2015 after a friend of the woman went to a school official who ensures Yales compliance with Title IX, the federal law designed to prevent gender discrimination in education.The lawsuit alleges the Title IX officer brought the complaint despite being told the woman did not believe Montague heard her when she tried to end their sexual encounter. The woman cooperated only after the Title IX officer informed her that Montague had previously received counseling after an incident involving another woman, according to the lawsuit.The lawsuit alleges the school didnt tell her that case involved him shoving a paper plate down someones shirt following a drunken argument outside a pizza parlor.The school countered that the woman was never affirmatively misled by the defendants into participating in a formal complaint process initiated by Yale.The lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial no earlier than February. Cheap Jordan 13 Retro . No. 13-seeded John Isner and No. 21 Philipp Kohlschreiber were among six players who dropped out of the tournament on Tuesday, joining No. 12 seed Tommy Haas and two other players who withdrew on Monday. Cheap Air Jordan 13 Retro Blue . -- If this was Aaron Gordons final home game at Arizona, and it almost certainly was, then he went out in style. . With the first unit struggling of late and Amir Johnson - one of the teams iron men - hobbling on an injured right ankle, Patterson knew he could get the nod in a challenging matchup against one of the leagues up and coming players at his position. Test cricket is a difficult place; you fight and fight session after session, but then you happen upon days like the fourth day in Indore when everything begins to seem easy. Its like enjoying that last stretch of the marathon when you know nobody is going to chase you down. You can relax, you can let your thoughts wander, you can contemplate what you are about to achieve, think of all the training and the hard work, plan your celebrations. On Tuesday in Indore, as New Zealand finally gave in, India got to enjoy that home stretch where everything went to plan. They didnt even have to keep at those plans for long. That, though, began later in the day.When you take a 258-run first-innings lead and bat again primarily to let the pitch deteriorate more, it can make for two-three sessions of cricket where you can look away, read the newspapers and wait for the declaration. Teams stronger than New Zealand have played the waiting-for-declaration game because there is no motivation left for them, but the morning session featured one final push from New Zealand. There were soiled shirts from desperate dives, direct hits, fielders running in from long-on and deep midwicket to back up throws. New Zealand were not going to roll over and die, they were not going to let India race away to a declaration. Every economical over would mean less time to survive, though it was anyway going to be a massive ask whenever they were going to begin batting one last time.It wasnt quite a lark in the park for Indias batsmen. There was one man with an injured shoulder, just given a career lifeline through injuries to two other openers. There was no way he was going to stroll through this. The next Test is almost a month away; the other openers are liable to regain fitness, so Gautam Gambhir had this last chance to press a claim. There was another man who has suffered because, of late, he has not converted his struggles on the teams behalf into big innings for himself. Cheteshwar Pujara wanted a century after having failed to convert ten scores of over 20 and six over 40 into hundreds.The New Zealand resistance had to break at some point. Having retired hurt on day three, Gambhir came back to get himself a fifty to go with his 29 in the first innings. Pujara showed power and deft touches to finally get to his hundred. Virat Kohli, the captain who might have put him under pressure earlier, duly waited for him to get to that landmark and declared immediately after. It wasnt all easy, as Pujaras soiled shirt, from dives to make his crease for the runs he wouldnt always take, showed.Then, given 45 overs plus a day to survive, New Zealand finally parted ways with their spirit. Suddenly, it all became too easy. Every plan India might have made in the lead-up to the series or on the fly began to work as if to provide them a highlights reel.All series, Indias quicks have gone around the wicket to try to trap Tom Latham lbw, falling over and on the crease. All seeries, Latham has proved a hard nut to crack, the only New Zealand batsman to reach 50 in each of the Tests. Cheap Air Jordan 13 Retro Brown. Mohammed Shami is the man to execute this plan as he did it in Kolkata, but here, Umesh Yadav did it, only more emphatically. Latham just missed a straight ball on the angle.Kane Williamson resumed one final duel with R Ashwin just before the tea break. Ashwin has left the cut open for him, getting him bowled twice when he has tried to play that shot. This time, he opted for a silly point, which meant he had one man fewer on the leg side, only five now. Williamson hit him for two boundaries there. Ashwin came back after tea with the original plan, just the slip, cover and mid-off, reinforcing the leg side, taking away the freedom Williamson had exercised earlier. Soon enough, he went back, played circumspectly and was out lbw. Out to Ashwin all four times he has batted, all four times off the back foot.Ross Taylor came out hitting like he had nothing to lose. He hadnt. He played some excellent shots that might have put India on the back foot if they werent so far ahead. You wondered if it would have made any difference if Taylor had played so freely with the games in balance. Then again, would he have been able to enjoy this freedom, which nothing to lose brings, when the games are actually in the balance?Taylor used his feet well, drove gracefully, picked gaps, but then a small field change brought about his dismissal. He had just driven a full Ashwin offbreak through cover for four. Ashwin packed that area. One ball later, Taylor chose to hit into the leg side, and was bowled when sweeping. Ashwins farewell celebration suggested it had been too easy.Martin Guptill has had a wretched series. Not being the most comfortable batsman against spin, he didnt need the added misfortune of getting out caught because his boot lobbed the ball up, bowled off his elbow, and run out by the bowlers unintended deflection on to the stumps at the non-strikers end when he had actually batted well to score a half-century. He resisted for 60 balls here, but fell to the old Ravindra Jadeja strategy: bowl at the stumps, let some turn, let some go straight on. Guptill lbw to the straighter one.By now, the word had spread in Indore that India could wrap the match up on the fourth day itself. The smallest crowd of the Test soon swelled into a rambunctious appeal and celebration almost every ball. Catches began to fly exactly where fielders were placed. The only ball that stayed low hit the stumps too. New Zealands batsmen, after all their desperate fight, started playing crazy shots. Ashwin and Kohli began to work the crowd. This was the time to savour all the hard work. To plan your dash towards the stumps you want as souvenirs as soon as the last wicket falls. One home Test series down, three to go. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
HOUSTON TEXANS (9-8)OPEN CAMP: July 31, HoustonLAST YEAR: Inconsistency and injuries forced Texans to use four quarterbacks and they lost running back Arian Foster to season-ending Achilles tendon injury in October. Wholesale Nike Epic React . Despite those setbacks defense, led by Defensive Player of Year J.J. Watt, helped them win seven of last nine games to shake off 2-5 start, win AFC South and reach playoffs for first time since 2012. But Brian Hoyer had career-high four interceptions and fumble in embarrassing 30-0 wild-card loss to Kansas City to end season.IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: QB Brock Osweiler, RB Lamar Miller, rookie WRs Will Fuller and Braxton Miller, rookie OG Nick Martin, and OG Jeff Adams.IMPORTANT LOSSES: QB Hoyer, C Ben Jones, RB Foster, TE Garrett Graham, and S Rahim Moore.CAMP NEEDS: New quarterback Osweiler needs to show hes mastered coach Bill OBriens offense and develop rapport with star receiver DeAndre Hopkins as well as rookie receivers Fuller and Miller.EXPECTATIONS: After spending $72 million to lure Osweiler from Denver and adding Miller from Miami, Houstons offense appears upgraded. However Osweiler is bit of unknown commodity after starting just seven games in four-year career. If he proves he was worth investment and helps Houstons offense keep pace with vaunted defense, Texans should be much improved from last season, when they benefited from weak AFC South to reach playoffs.---AP NFL website: and Cheap Nike Epic React Flyknit Black . -- Stanford squashed Oregons national championship hopes again, schooling the Ducks in power football. Cheap Nike Epic React Flyknit Rose . The Montreal Canadiens announced on Friday that the veteran forward will return to the teams line-up on Saturday night when the Habs visit the Nashville Predators. . McCarthy, a player who played some games in the second tier for Wigan at the start of this season, would go on to shine inside Evertons midfield, outplaying the man he was brought in to replace, on one of the grandest stages in English football. On Saturday, it was fitting that Manchester Uniteds most recent dagger into the chest was delivered by Frenchman Yohan Cabaye, a wonderfully gifted central midfielder who put on an outstanding effort for Newcastle at Old Trafford. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
HOUSTON -- Louisville coach Bobby Petrino was blunt. .We blew it, he said.Duke Catalon scored three touchdowns and Houston hurried and harassed Heisman favorite Lamar Jackson all night to propel the Cougars to a stunning 36-10 victory over the Cardinals on Thursday night that dashed the third-ranked teams playoff hopes.Louisville (9-2) entered the game ranked fifth in the College Football Playoff rankings, but was outdone by a Houston team that saw its own playoff hopes foiled by two losses to unranked teams after a 5-0 start.We lost, Jackson said. Cant do nothing about it.The Cardinals were unhappy they werent ranked higher in this weeks CFP rankings after losses by several top teams last week, and some players thought they let that angst affect their play on Thursday.I think we let that get to us too much. I think we paid too much attention to the rankings instead of playing our game, safety Dee Smith said. We were just trying to do too much.Things went wrong quickly for the mistake-prone Cardinals when they fumbled the opening kickoff to Houston (9-2). Greg Ward threw his first touchdown pass on the next play to make it 7-0. Brandon Radcliff lost a fumble later in the first and Houston added a field goal on the ensuing drive to make it 10-0.Jackson threw for 211 yards and a touchdown, but it didnt come until the second half.Houston then scored touchdowns on three straight possessions in the second quarter to push the lead to 31-0 at halftime. Catalon caught a touchdown pass, ran for another score and Houston got the third score in that span on a 50-yard pass by receiver Linell Bonner after a lateral.We were banged up. We were beat up. We were tired. We were exhausted in the month of October, Houston coach Tom Herman said. Thats not an excuse. Thats reality. And our guys fought through it and they fought through that adversity and they never wavered ... and when you get the band back together and you get everybody healthy and everybody fresh and everybody doing their job ... we can play with anybody in the country. And we proved that again tonight.The Cougars were in Jacksons face constantly, sacking him a season-high 11 times and keeping him from hurting them with his feet. He ran for a season-low 33 yards after piling up 338 yards rushing combined in the last two games.After Jackson was sacked for the 10th time he threw up his hands and two of his lineman looked to be yelling at each other about who was to blame for his latest takedown.But the Cougars werent done getting after him just yet. On the next possession he threw the ball away while under heavy pressure from Tyus Bowser and was flagged for intentional grounding, giving the Cougars a safety.Petrino said he saw frustration build in Jackson as the sacks piled up.Oh yeah, there was frustration there, he said. There was frustration on the protection and frustration on himself -- missing a few throws. Thats one of the things on the sideline there definitely was frustration and it grew.Ward threw for 233 yards and two touchdowns to help the Cougars to the victory that left Cougar fans storming the field to celebrate.---=THE TAKEAWAY=LOUISVILLE: The Cardinals may not have made the playoff even if they didnt lose on Thursday night, but the opportunity was theirs for the taking. Now they only have themselves to blame for being on the outside looking in.HOUSTON: The Cougars looked like the team that knocked off then-No. 3 Oklahoma in their opener instead of the underperforming one that lost at Navy and SMU to fall out of the top 25 weeks ago. The victory, which was their fourth straight over a top-10 team, will go a long way toward put a positive spin on what had turned into a disappointing season.---=KEY NUMBERS=The Cardinals set a season-high with 15 penalties, punted a season-high six times by halftime and the 11 sacks they allowed were more than double their previous season-high. Its the fewest points theyve scored since a loss at North Carolina in 2011.---=HEISMAN HOPES=Jackson entered the game as such an overwhelming favorite to win the Heisman that the loss shouldnt put that big of a dent in his chances. However Jackson insists that he isnt concerned about that.Im not even focused on that, he said. Im focused on winning.---=POLL IMPLICATIONS=LOUISVILLE: This loss will send the Cardinals tumbling down in the poll and in the playoff rankings. Theyll likely drop out of the top-10 but could stay in depending on how the teams above them fare this weekend.HOUSTON: The Cougars are likely to re-enter the poll after being unranked since the week after their loss to SMU on Oct. 22. They had the most points of any team not ranked last week so it wouldnt be surprising for them to move up to No. 20 or so after the big win.---=UP NEXT=LOUISVILLE : The Cardinals wrap up the regular season with a rivalry game against Kentucky next Saturday.HOUSTON : The Cougars travel to Memphis on Friday for their regular-season finale. . LOUIS -- Cardinals cleanup hitter Allen Craig says hes recovered from a foot injury and ready to be put on St. . "We have always prided ourselves on the way we play defence. Having two big pieces back is going to be a key for us moving forward for years to come," said Knighthawks head coach Mike Hasen. . Nathan MacKinnon, Jamie McGinn and Jan Hejda also scored for the Avalanche, who won despite being outshot 38-23. MacKinnons goal, also on the power play, came with just over a minute remaining. Northamptonshire 278 for 3 (Cobb 88, Duckett 70, Keogh 63*) beat Derbyshire 272 for 7 (Slater 148*, Gleeson 4-66) by seven wicketsScorecard Fifties from Josh Cobb, Ben Duckett and Rob Keogh saw Northamptonshire move closer to a quarter-final spot in the Royal London Cup with an easy chase against Derbyshire at Wantage Road. Cobb and Duckett shared an opening stand of 116 as Northants chased 273 with seven wickets in hand.Victory takes them to nine points in the North Group and, with a very healthy run-rate, it should be enough for qualification. Derbyshire now have to win their final game against Leicestershire and hope other results go in their favour.The day began well for the visitors with Ben Slater making an unbeaten 148 - the third-highest List A score for Derbyshire and highest against first-class opposition - as they posted what appeared a competitive 272 for 7 but Northants made very light work of the chase, winning with eight overs to spare.Cobb and Duckett broke the back of the chase with Northants best opening partnership in the competition this season of 116. Cobb was able to find boundaries at will and he cleared his front leg to swing his first six over long-on. Another followed as Jimmy Neesham returned to the attack. In between, Cobb slog-swept Matt Critchley only just over the head of deep midwicket.A century seemed to be waiting for Cobb but he fell for 88 in 91 balls in a bizarre dismissal when his bat - slipping from his grasp - flew further than the ball.A hundred was also at Ducketts mercy as he continued a truly remarkable run of form. He survived a sharp caught-and-bowled chance to Shiv Thakor on 26 before slapping the next ball over mid-on for four, driving another past extra-cover and finally carving over the covers for his second six - the first having come with a straight drive off Ben Cotton. A scoop off Thakor and another drive through extra-cover brought a fine fifty in 43 balls but he was yorked by Alex Hughes for 70 in 56 balls - his fourth score over 50 in six innings in this seasons competition.Slaters impressive 148 not out was consigned to a losing cause. With a hundred against Durham earlier in the competition, he arrived in form and looked very assured. After moving past fifty in 73 balls, he accelerated well, using Azharullahs sixth over to provide some middle-innings impetus with three fours flicked over the leg side.Slater survived another flick that nearly carried to long leg diving forward but was otherwise chanceless in going to a hundred in 120 balls with 10 fours and a six. His only trouble came playing the left-arm spin of Graeme White, who again provided excellent control and threatened with the help of some turn on a used wicket. He produced the opening breakthrough after a first-wicket stand of 69 when Billy Godleman reverse-swept to backward point.Whites second wicket came to end the second-wicket stand of 96 after Slater and Wayne Madsen that had Derbyshire nicely poised at 165 for 1 in the 33rd over. Madsen miscued a drive to point for 39. White took 2 for 32 from his 10 overs.But it was the return of Richard Gleeson that prompted Derbyshires slide from 204 for 2 to 209 for 5. He clean bowled Neil Broom and Thakor, trapped Jimmy Neesham lbw and then also bowled Wes Durston to finish with 4 for 66. He leaked 15 from his final over but it was still not enough for Derbyshire. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Nike Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys China Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys Canada Wholesale Nike MLB Jerseys Canada Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic Canada Stitched Soccer Jerseys Canada Cheap Jerseys Canada NFL ' ' ' 
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