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You also need to view it through our eyes, we play a RS gold sport for pleasure, they destroy Runescape. They are breaking the rules regardless of their situation, so something needs to be done on them and everybody shouldn't white knight Venes. If you guys wanna white knight Venes so badly, you should all donate to a charity because of them.They are breaking the rules regardless of their situation, therefore something should be done about them and everyone should not white knight Venes.

I really do see it from your eyes. I play Runescape too and I farm my own gold. But I'm not gont sit around crying over a game when people are starving. People's lives mean more to me than a damn game. I am sorry you do not feel the same. And of course I make gold just nice in Runescape, with or without the Venezuelans. Btw I do plenty for my fellow man. I make certain seniors and the handicapped in my county do not starve to death. If I could do exactly the exact same for the Venezuelans and the 70 odd million malnourished orphans around the world. Then I would.

I also tutor children so hopefully they don't develop to be as ignorant as you. But I'm just 1 person. I can't be everywhere and that I do the best I can. Not to mention suggesting we donate to them is utterly asinine and anybody using the term white knight as a insult is morally bankrupt. The best I can do at the present time is urge against my country and it's politicians from meddling in foreign affairs and doing my best to spread awareness. Because donating isn't likely to fix their problems especially with all the corruption going on.

But I know for a fact that is greater than you have ever completed. You make that apparent along with your priorities and your underhanded insults. I hope you are never put in a position where thirst pushes you to the extremes, although maybe it would teach you standpoint and humility.So after a tiny bit of research, those bots from the pvp worlds together with 50 construction are making boards. They require the demon butler to take the logs to the sawmill, then they bank them. What kind of boards they make depends on what the bot runner determines they want made.

If they ban all bots all of the supplies for pking will proceed through the roof in cost and the legit players who can't grind that much and just wanna pk abit will stop jagex understands this, it is a balancing act, the market needs to be strong but runescape is very dull, so if folks super merch the items and we had no robots to substitute it folks would quit I promise it, unless jagex can earn more entertaining ways to make money.

Bots do approaches to make money fast from things with a high demand. Should you ban them then the price of those items will go up just like you said.But that also means people will be more willing to do those money making methods because 1. There will be more accessibility of the stains and two. The items will be worth and the gp/hr will be better. When you look at poro poro, the eclectic implings that they camp only have 3 autospawn spots on each planet, which every are generally camped by bots. If the bot is great and detects the impling then instantly clicks on it, then they will grab it whenever they have greater ping that you, regardless of how quickly your click. About a year ago, eclectics were values possibly 7k-9k. But literally at the past 3 weeks the price has bombed down to 3.5k~ due to the cheap RuneScape Mobile gold robots supplying and extremely large supply while fulfilling the demand.

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