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Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn. Deion Sanders Youth Jersey .ca! Hi Kerry, Do you think teams should get delay of game penalties when they ice the puck and the winger goes to take the draw and gets waved out (on purpose?) so his centre can take the draw? Ive noticed this through the entire playoffs this year - do you think this is something on the minds of the officials as well? Could this be proven in any way and if so, wouldnt you say that is more of a delay of game call than the one where they shoot the puck over the glass? Thanks,Randy Kataluk,Coral Harbour, NU Randy: There is no doubt that coaches instruct their players to utilize a first face-off ejection by a non-center to grab a few extra seconds of breathing time following an icing infraction. They arent fooling anyone; especially the Linesmen. In an effort to minimize this ploy I have noticed the Linesmen initiate the face process very quickly and then eject the decoy for a first violation almost as soon as he arrives at the face-off dot. Beyond that, there is little at this juncture that can be done to alter the process. You do bring up an interesting point for discussion Randy, even though I wouldnt necessarily endorse an immediate delay of game penalty in this instance. The Officials cannot (or should not) control who the coach selects to take the draw. Their job is to conduct a fair face-off as quickly as humanly possible to uphold the integrity of the no-change icing rule. The rules, however, are already in place to penalize a team that commits a second face-off violation during the same face-off. This infraction is very seldom enforced and we have seen where the standard can be relaxed on the second face-off in an effort to avoid a call that brings undue attention to the Linesmen. If you really want to get the attention of a team that sends a sacrificial offering into the face-off circle conduct that second one to the letter of the law and impose a second face-off violation penalty when deserved. Its hard to blame the Linesmen for a less stringent standard after ejecting the first center since in the overall complexion of any game a second face-off violation doesnt rank up there with other game control, restraining or aggressive situations that the Referees might deem unworthy of a penalty. Very little support is also offered the Linesmen whenever they have enforced a second face-off violation.  The first time a penalty was called for this rule everyone went ballistic; including the Hockey Operations Department.  A Linesmens judgment was placed into question when he ejected a second centreman near the end of a close game as bedlam was being allowed to take place with a "let em play" standard by the Refs. It didnt take long for the message to be relayed through the chain of command as to what the expected practice was with regard to a second face-off violation. Theres an old saying that there is no faster method of communication than the "telephone, telegraph or just tell a Hockey Official!" So Randy, if this ploy on an icing is something that anyone would really like to address I would send the message that the second face-off would be conducted to the letter and a penalty would quickly result if a violation were to occur. At that point, the Linesmen would deserve our full support. On The Radar Screen From Game 3: - Call it for what it was: Kaspars Daugavins left his feet and elbowed Andrew Shaw to the ear. (Last time I checked the ear is attached to the head?) The official penalty summary lists "roughing" as being assessed by the Referee. The most obvious infraction choice is elbowing; followed by illegal check to the head or charging but certainly not roughing. Additionally, please enforce charging rule next season in an effort to keep players skates on the ice when delivering a check. The height advantage gained is often cerebral! - Dont overreact in scrum and player battle situations: Shawn Thornton was singled out for an early penalty in a scrum with Andrew Shaw. David Bolland was assessed a trip when he and Jonny Boychuk tangled up as Bolland attempted to get into his players bench for a line change at 19:00 minutes of the second period. Neither were strong penalty calls and an overreaction; especially in a Stanley Cup Final game.  - Niklas Hjalmarsson tripping call on Daniel Paille: I liked this call as viewed on NBC even though the other Network in Canada apparently had an overhead shot of Hjalmarsson contacting the puck just a split-hair prior to taking down Paille. On this bang-bang, desperation dive made by the Hawk defenceman it certainly appeared to me that Hjalmarssons first point of contact with his glove and stick shaft was to the right skate of Paille followed by the puck on the wrap-around of his stick. This was certainly too close to call with the naked eye in real-time and the benefit goes to Referee Chris Rooney. I have never understood why we allow a defender, from a poor position, make a desperation dive and touch the puck with his stick an instant prior to wiping out the attacker. This is regarded as a good defensive play while in reality the attacker is tripped and eliminated on the play or from regaining puck possession. This play always occurs with an attacker in a scoring position or on a breakaway. Perhaps time to reassess this policy given the tighter restraining standards that are expected to be called? - Assess differential when deserved in illegal battles regardless of game time: Zdeno Chara was fully deserving of an extra minor penalty for his overly aggressive actions with Bryan Bickell at 19:48 of the third period. Im not suggesting penalizing Big Z for being stronger; just more aggressive in his illegal actions. Treating this altercation as coincidental does not equate to the Thornton or Bolland penalties earlier in the game. Deebo Samuel 49ers Jersey . PAUL, Minn. Frank Gore Womens Jersey . Roman Josi had a goal and an assist to lead the Predators to a 4-1 victory over the Dallas Stars on Monday night. . Booth picked up 65 caps after making her national team debut in 2002 at the age of 17. She most recently played for Sky Blue FC of the National Womens Soccer League. "It just felt like it was my time to move on," she said in a phone interview from her hometown of Burlington, Ont. LONDON -- As unified middleweight titleholder Gennady Golovkin prepares to make his 17th defense, against Englands Kell Brook, theres a third wheel muscling in on the attention being paid to their fight: lineal middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.Golovkin, a knockout machine and perhaps boxings most feared fighter, has come to the birthplace of boxing to defend against Brook on his turf on Saturday (HBO, 5:30 p.m. ET/PT with a replay at 10 p.m. ET/PT) at the sold-out O2 Arena because Alvarez has steadfastly refused to fight him, going so far as to relinquish his sanctioning organization belt rather than fulfill a mandatory obligation to Golovkin in a megafight.The typically mild-mannered Golovkin normally doesnt utter a negative word about anybody, but Alvarezs gamesmanship clearly has annoyed him. He has been more outspoken about the situation than ever before.Its like a circus, too many clowns, Golovkin said. Canelo knows he doesnt want to fight me. Why do you keep talking then?Although Alvarez won the lineal middleweight title, he did so at his preferred catch weight of 155 pounds against Miguel Cotto last November and continues to resist a move to 160 pounds. Instead of agreeing to face Golovkin, as he appeared to do following his huge knockout of Amir Khan, a welterweight who moved up, in a May defense, Alvarez is retreating to junior middleweight. He will return to 154 pounds, where he once held titles, to challenge titleholder Liam Smith, Brooks countryman, on Sept. 17 (HBO PPV) at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.Golovkin, who has knocked out 22 consecutive opponents since 2008 and owns the best knockout percentage in middleweight title history (.914), is resistant to any criticism that he is picking on a welterweight in Brook, who owns a world title and is considered by many No. 1 at 147 pounds, the same way Alvarez did with Khan.Canelo was the middleweight champion and chose Amir Khan, said Golovkin, who has been rebuffed by a whos who of the middleweight division in recent years. We didnt choose Brook. He chose me. My goal is all the middleweight belts. Canelo is not ready until next year or maybe not for five years.The 30-year-old Brook (36-0, 25 KOs) had no fear of facing Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs), jumping at the chance when offered the fight after a bout between GGG and another Brit, middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr., fell apart in the final moments when Eubank allowed the deadline to pass without signing.This fight is much bigger than if I faced Eubank, Golovkin said. [Brook] is a champion, hes undefeated, he is more famous. Who knows Eubank? Everybody understands he is 50 percent clown, 50 percent fighter. OK, he says hes ready, hes fighting. [Then] hes not ready, more dancing, more talking, trash talking. Hes like clown.Brook is moving up two weight divisions in an attempt to become the third reigning welterweight titlist to win a middleweight title in boxing history, joining all-time greats Sugar Ray Robinson and Carmen Basilio. Kazakhstans Golovkin, 34, who fights out of Santa Monica, California, respects the fire Brook has shown in accepting this difficult assignment.Everybody has risk in boxing, Golovkin said. Hes moving up and taking that risk, and for that I have a great deal of respect for him. Brook is dangerous. He has a very high boxing IQ and were fighting in his country.Golovkin, however, said he has little respect for Alvarez after the way he led him to believe they would fight on next weeks Mexican Independence Day weekend.After Alvarez knocked out Khan, he called Golovkin into the ring, telling him to his face that Mexicans dont f--- around and seemingly promising they would fight next.At the postfight news conference, Alvarez said he would even fight GGG at 160 pounds, and his promoter, Golden Boys Oscar De La Hoya, put on an over-the-top display, telling the media that Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler, of K2 Promotions, should make sure his phone was on because he would be calling him the following day to open discussions.But instead of trying to make the fight, Alvarez vacated his title, which interim titlist Golovkin inherited, and eventually signed to fight Smith, who was all but unknown outside the United Kingdom. Alvarez also promised that he would fight Golovkin next September, although there is no formal agreement and few believe him. George Kittle Womens Jersey. .Golovkin does not think it will happen and that Alvarez will continue to make him and the public wait for the big fight.Impossible, he said of Alvarez agreeing to fight him in 2017. But maybe if I look bad with Kell Brook or another guy and hes ready, but [only] if I look bad.An Alvarez-Golovkin fight looms as one of the biggest in boxing, but it could play out like the frustrating Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, which took years to make. Golden Boys Eric Gomez, promoted this week to president of the company, has said repeatedly to that Alvarez will fight Golovkin, but he would not give a timetable.That is the biggest fight, with Canelo, Golovkin said. But he stepped back. He is like loser. After Khan he said, OK, G, come into the ring. Im asking, What you want? He said, Im OK, I looked good. We fight. Then at the press conference, he says, I am ready, give me gloves. Im ready right now. Too much talking. This is not true. He is saying, I am ready [but] maybe not next fight. Next year. Everybody understands he said I am ready right now. I gave him too much attention. I do not believe he is ready.I know him. We trained together, like, three training camps. We sparred together. I know his team. He is not ready. I told him, Please just give me my belt, and thats it. He says OK and steps back. Too much talking, too much trash talking. Just give me my belt and get out of here. Maybe its business. After [the Khan] press conference I lost respect for him because he talks too much.Abel Sanchez, Golovkins trainer and the 2015 Boxing Writers Association trainer of the year, said Golovkin is angry that Alvarez is playing games.When the whole Canelo fiasco first started, when he fought Cotto, we were trying to just be laid back and let him talk and let him do his thing, Sanchez said. Once he called Golovkin into the ring, Golovkin was very offended. He may not say that to you, but I know Golovkin and Golovkin was like, What the hell did they call me in here for if hes not going to be true to his word?But when he did that and he showed all that bravado and then backed down, I think it set off something in Golovkin that was like, You know what? Im through being a nice guy. Im through not saying the things that I honestly think.Sanchez shares the opinion of Golovkin and many others who do not believe Alvarez will fight him next year.I dont think so. Weve had that discussion, and I honestly dont think so either, Sanchez said. I think Canelo knows he doesnt stand a chance and I think that Oscar knows that he doesnt stand a chance. But the more they talk, the more they stay relevant. We as the GGG team just keep GGG busy. When you keep him busy, eventually the fans will have so much pressure on Canelo, as the Mexican fans are doing right now, and the journalists. Dont talk if youre not going to back it up.Sanchez said that had Alvarez and Golden Boy simply told Golovkin that Alvarez was not ready for the fight, vacated and said he would come back and fight Golovkin for the title in a few fights, Golovkin would have been cool with that.But he called G in the ring and said some bad things in Spanish and then Oscar goes in the press conference and says, Tom, make sure you answer the phone. Come on, Sanchez said.Then along came Brook, daring to be great and going up to fight the man nobody else wants to face. Golovkin and Sanchez both respect that. A lot.I think a guy like Kell and a guy like [Sugar Ray] Leonard and guys like Robinson, those guys are wanting to test themselves to see where theyre at, Sanchez said. Theres nothing wrong with saying, You know what? That guy was just too big [if you lose]. But when they introduce you as middleweight champion and you talk all kinds of nonsense and then give up the title, how can you have any respect for somebody like that?Said Golovkin: Kell Brook has my full respect. Its not easy for us to get opponents. Hes ready for me and Im ready for him. Kell Brook is the biggest test to me. Hes a great champion, hes moving up in weight, but great fighters have done that and I know hes a great boxer and he will test me the most. ' ' ' 

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