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Girls Jordans 2017 is not only a lot of look forward to the Air Jordan 3 "Ture Blue" as the return, there is such a unique Air Jordan 3 "Wool" for us in the winter show a burst of warm and comfortable.The shoe body with wool material to build, all white and gray shoes in the end with a very coordinated, comfortable leisure breath blowing. Followed by the iconic rubber shoes are also wrapped with wool material, texture is extremely outstanding.It is reported that the shoe will be officially on sale on December 17, priced at $ 200, comfortable wool material into the high popularity of classic shoes, I believe the performance of the foot is also destined to do, like a lot of friends may be concerned about.
Cheap Jordan 11 to dark gray wool to create the overall upper, for this Air Jordan 3 "Wool" brought a warm and texture of the overall feeling. White midsole and outsole with the upper complement each other, bringing a harmonious visual effect. Followed by the foot of the shoe details are also made of wool material, sincerity full. Hot shoes into the texture of wool, popularity must rise.Earlier we have exposed the Jordna brand selection of wool made by the Air Jordan 3, and this channel for us to release a complete set of pictures. This section of the shoe body made of wool material made of the upper without any extra decoration, including the classic burst of cracks are nowhere to find, and finally equipped with a white outsole end.
Latest Jordans 2017 will be officially on sale on December 17, this priced at $ 200 Air Jordan 3 "Wool" again to the wool fabric to the classic re-engraved shoes.Selected the Air Jordan 3 three generations of shoes, gray wool material very texture, quite significant grade and style! In the white outsole under the lining, this retro fashion shoes to the perfect evolution of the show!Following the return of the Air Jordan 3 "Ture Blue" to the first year posture, Jordan Brand will also bring us more texture "Dark Gray" wool color.The shoes with a gray wool material to create the shoe body with milky white big show, the classic burst of cracks and unique rubber heel are also covered by wool, showing a unique casual dress.
WJ1997 Mar 19 '17 · Tags: usa
Girls Jordans 2017 first announced his retirement. Influence in the world growing, three NBA championships, Barcelona Olympic champion, 8 pairs of classic shoes, so that Jordan has become a world-class star. People are not in the NBA arena, but the sun as usual, the shoes as usual to do.In order to fit Jordan's "world-class star" this feature, Jordan 9 generation soles quite fun, joined the multi-national language, including German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Swahili (one in The popular language of the East), Japanese - we can read the "world" two Chinese characters only appear in Japanese characters, the design of the original intention is not to put Chinese, because at that time NIKE business in China is not great.
Cheap Jordan 11 order to commemorate the Bulls' greatest player in history, the main entrance of the United Center placed a statue of Jordan's body, and Tinker chose Air Jordan 9 as a bronze-like shoe, and it was interesting and true. Of Jordan himself in the Bulls period, and did not wear this pair of 9 generations appeared in the game. After the start of the new season, Jordan can not speak on the basketball court has been designed and produced Air Jordan 9, so NIKE was forced to choose a group of NBA new endorsement, which includes the "penny" Hardaway. Jordan chose the Chicago White Sox in the identity of baseball players comeback, Tinker and Jordan 9 generations of the slope and NIKE baseball shoes, especially for the Jordan produced a pair of baseball shoes.
Latest Jordans 2017 is a small mistake in the soles , NIKE LOGO again.but fortunately this is just a pair of baseball shoes, rather than the regular Air Jordan basketball shoes.Air Jordan 9 in the technology and no breakthrough, but in the bottom of the front side of the support bar to improve the stability of the shoes only in the design, Air Jordan 9 from the heel began to extend the black material to the toe, this design Jordan some are not satisfied, because as early as 6 generations when Jordan made a request, hoping his toe no longer appear too much material, and 9 to a large "counterattack count" final Tinker or persuaded Jordan, Air Jordan 9 design to be retained to the present.
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Girls Jordans 2017 is Kobe Bryant retired after the first pair of signature shoes, a pair of heritage Kobe Bryant series of light and low to help design the actual combat shoes. The combination of the Zoom Air cushion unit in the heel, the Lunarlon foam in the midsole, and the precise amount of outsole rubber (using the grip particle design) provide responsiveness, flexible cushioning response and excellent grip. Breathable mesh vamps with dynamic fly line, to ensure that the attack when the flexibility in disguise and defense keep up with opponents. Nike has launched a Kobe A.D. black and white color, black shoes with a white Swoosh outsole, the most special place is the visual midsole design, the obvious forefoot Lunarlon and Hands Zoom Air cushion. Finally, in the heel decorative Kobe classic signature Logo, the finishing touch of the pen.
Cheap Jordan 11 is still continued with Kobe's usual low to help design language, a cool gray fabric upper wrapped dynamic fly line system for the double Foot provides good comfort and package. In the end is Lunarlon foam with the palm Zoom Air design, supplemented by ultra-thin texture crystal outsole, provides a more close to the ground feel and excellent cushioning performance. Followed by the Kobe Bryant Warrior logo to show the way Symphony, very gorgeous dazzling.New Air Jordan Shoes, Kobe Bryant in retirement after the first pair of exclusive shoes, may also be another continuation of the signature series, a pair of new shoes named Kobe A.D. will be officially unveiled in the fourth quarter. The shoes continue to Kobe series signature shoes lightweight, low to help launch the form of shoes, followed by carrying a Zoom Air cushion.
Latest Jordans 2017 is Lunarlon foam filling. Breathable mesh upper and Dynamic Flywire technology as to provide the permeability and support. The Nike Kobe AD starting color with gray breathable mesh surface of the main body, supplemented by white Swoosh with, in the end is also gray throughout, low-key look; and the heel of the metal texture treatment has become the starting point of this section color . In addition, the left and right heel shoes are also printed with special snake DNA Logo and Kobe signature details, represents the "Mamba spirit" of a heritage.Although Kobe Bryant retired, but his spirit in the latest boots on a continuation. Nike will be the latest Kobe Bryant signature shoes to "A.D." AD first named to Kobe Bryant new life to pay tribute to a new beginning.
WJ1997 Mar 17 '17 · Tags: usa
Girls Jordans 2017 is the twelfth LeBron James Nike signature shoe.First sample images appear on Instagram May 2014. This design features the debut of the Megafuse upper, Hyperposite support wings, Dynamic Flywire and corded laces, translucent ice sole with colored hexagon traction pods.The outsole shape signifies the first use of Hexagonal Zoom Air, which is engineered for superior responsiveness.LeBron James showcases an extraordinary blend of strength, court vision, effiency and explosive speed while competing at basketball’s highest level. His rare skill set requires innovative footwear tailored to the specifications of his multidimensional game.In tandem with the sole, the lightweight and breathable Megafuse upper is designed to act as a molded second skin that minimizes weight and amplifies breathability and comfort.
Cheap Jordan 11  is designed to enhance James’s explosiveness while combining three key benefits: superior cushioning, harnessed support and natural flexibility.“This is Nike at its best: we take the insights from a world-class athlete in LeBron James to inform forward-thinking designs and create the most innovative shoes,” said Kelly Hibler, Nike Basketball VP of Footwear. “We’ve combined the art and science of engineering in the LEBRON 12 to advance the game of basketball’s best player.”Nike's Sport Research Lab provides the Nike Basketball design team with in-depth analysis on athletic performance and scientific testing.James runs approximately three miles per game, and the average player changes directions about 1,000 times over that distance, requiring supportive, comfortable footwear to withstand tremendous impact and torque.
Latest Jordans 2017  provide lockdown support for James’s unrivaled combination of speed and strength. The upper is constructed for a precise fit, with Hyperposite wings that deliver targeted support and protection.The LEBRON 12 was born in the lab, where scientific data and analysis substantiated the need for next-generation cushioning, support and flexibility.This science-led insight was maximized for James while accounting for the diverse needs of athletes worldwide.The lead colorway, the LEBRON 12 NSRL,was inspired by the new shoe’s genesis in the lab.Five visible, hexagonally-shaped Nike Zoom Air bags in the outsole of the LEBRON 12 enhance natural motion while providing accelerated explosiveness with each step. Nike Zoom Air delivers the same great cushioning it brought to footwear when first introduced to basketball in 1995.
WJ1997 Mar 15 '17 · Tags: usa
Girls Jordans 2017 was regarded as heterogeneous, his talent is not the best, but relying on his unremitting efforts to become one of the NBA's best scorer, he is a legendary basketball player The His retirement last season also attracted the whole league to pay tribute to him.After retirement, he will also sign the shoes renamed Kobe A.D., but the configuration is weakened, performance is down?The new Kobe password, rebirth and evolution (rebirth and evolution) indicates that after the retired Bryant to another way of life.After a special treatment TPU surround film showing a colorful plating effect, as the shoes of a major bright spot.
Cheap Jordan 11 announced on the site that this season will be their last season, only a month later, Nike released Bryant's latest shoes Kobe11, causing numerous fans and fans of the heat Holding With Bryant's retirement, this section 11 will obviously be given some special meaning, it is the fans dream of the collection. Nike today to further "fanatical", they announced that Bryant 1 generation to 11 generations in the next month all appear in the market.A few years ago, Nike had Bryant 1 to Kobe Bryant several shoes packaged sales, and named "Prelude" elite suite, also known as the master of the road. Nike also wanted a very cool name to the "black Mamba" to pay tribute, the Kobe suit was named "Fade to Black".
Latest Jordans 2017 is worth noting that, in order to fit the "fade to black" the name, Nike new listing of this set of shoes are likely to use only two colors of black and white, and each generation of color than the previous generation deeper.Bryant and Nike have been signing for twelve years. This 12 years, whether it is poor market, Zoom Kobe3 or full of innovative Kobe9 Elite, well-known shoe designer Eric Avar has never stopped for the design of shoes for Kobe. The Nike and Bryant will soon launch Bryant career in the last section of a shoe is also produced by Eric Avar surgeon: Bryant 11. This shoe not only pay more attention to the details of shoes, but also once again improved the basketball shoes Flyknit technology, so that the innovation again upgrade.
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Girls Jordans 2017 contract to the timely contract, which makes Nike KD 7 KD series did not become the final section. Words are out to the 7th generation, and I believe that will not be so simple to leave the. This return seems to be twists and turns, but it can be considered in reason. But this has been the contract seems to have buried a trace of hidden dangers for the future, there is not much to say on this topic, the Internet also discussed for a long time, and I have to say the theme is about Nike KD 7 itself.KD series price year after year, although compared to KOBE and LBJ series, his shoes is still the lowest price. But compared to the previous 5 generation, has a great span. I personally have no point of view, because good things must have a good price.
Cheap Jordan 11 following yesterday's Nike KD 7 "What The" spy photos were exposed, today's original color finally debut it!Signed style of splicing, exaggerated asymmetric design, distinctive color cutting and contrasting color use, full of visual impact!Translucent belt and shoe body at the 3M reflective details of the show, for the shoes add a lot of Oh ~ absolutely can not miss the boutique!Nike Basketball in the release of Kevin Durant's new generation of personal signature shoes - Nike KD 7 at the same time to open the shoes NIKEiD customization services. This time, to participate in custom friends received from NIKEID works. Here let us together to enjoy it, like a friend may wish to try their own under the custom price.
Latest Jordans 2017 launched a new color design, the use of suede and leather to create the toe and shoe body, create a new shape. The new work is still on behalf of Kevin Durant's "KD" logo and other graphic elements, and with the black appearance, showing KD on the pitch strength. The new work will be on December 13 through Nike designated retailers on sale, is now the first to bring you more details of the preview.Nike Basketball official officially released this year Nike KD 7 "What The" sale information, shoes, reference to 18 different colors of each classic element, the organic combination of together to create a different kind of breath, so a pair of Exquisite shoes, really can let us fine taste for a long time, even if we are familiar with it. Shoes will be on June 20 full sale.
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Girls Jordans 2017 was won by Yeezy Boost V2 "Beluga", the new weaving texture and high-definition paint design, quickly gathered a good popularity, and relatively "abundant" volume for its The summit has laid a good foundation.With the advent of the era of large data, well-known shoes trading website StockX recently released the 2016 annual market, the top ten most expensive and top ten sales rankings, the following we come to find out what you look at 2016 shoes you have what On the list!Overview [2016 top ten sales amount] ranking, all by adidas Yeezy Boost (3 seats) and Air Jordan (7 seats) to seize, enough to see Air Jordan is still the world can not shake the king of the shoe industry.
Cheap Jordan 11 is the most expensive New York limited color Red Apple, fourth and fifth only appeared Air Jordan shoes, respectively, is limited to 50 pairs of satin version of Air Jordan 1 and Jordan son special launch Air Jordan 23 "Trophy Room".Perennial Nike and adidas monopoly list, Kith principal Ronnie Fieg together Asics to create the Gel-Lyte3 "Super Green" to the dark horse to seize the position of the seventh position, showing Kith strong appeal.But in the month of January to see the sale of shoes, found a very interesting thing, whether it is sales and sales, ranked in the first few are the basic black shoes, whether it is casual or actual combat models are also Black shoes in the front row.
Latest Jordans 2017 according to released 2017 in January and February of the shoes sales data, sales and sales from the ranking can be seen that the highest sales in January is Nike Kyrie 3 starting color, and the highest sales is Yeezy Boost 350 V2 black and white. February sales of the highest black gold color of the Air Jordan 4, the highest sales still Yeezy 350 V2, but the color changed to black and red words. Although Nike's sales are high, but still arrived, but Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sale price is high, can only frequently let the sales position first position.
WJ1997 Mar 12 '17 · Tags: usa
Girls Jordans 2017 will be synchronized in China for sale, this double carbon fiber bubble bubble Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Silver Surfer" to gorgeous metal texture performance, so that all the audience dumping it!In addition to carbon fiber texture blessing, bringing people difficult to resist the texture, precious metal through, and with the same color Swoosh decoration, from head to toe are "aristocratic" full distribution!Following the release of the first Air Foamposite One, Nike's Foamposite series has gone through 17 years, although the introduction of its early appearance and expensive prices and controversial, but Foam material body with its muscles Feeling full of style gradually by the fans fans love. Among them, Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro these two popular models can be described as endless color.
Cheap Jordan 11 have for everyone to sort out a complete color sale process, you can clearly see that from the past two years, Foamposite series of color can clearly feel more fancy and rich patterns.FoampositePro and Foamposite One are different in soles design.Foamposite One's transparent soles, turned into real dark gray soles.The bottom of the shoe oxidation may be one of the two shortcomings of this section, strong and flexible features make Foamposite ten Points are unique and attractive. Unlike other traditional shoes made of leather or man-made shoes,Does not have the stretch, but the special nature of the material can change the shape of the shoes, so that based on Foamposite technology shoes.You can see additional images of them below and while you’re at it, leave a comment and let us know what you think.
Latest Jordans 2017 has another pair of Gucci inspired Foams coming. We now have a first look at the Nike Foamposite Pro White Gucci that is expected to launch at retailers in October.Recently rumor spread that a white version of the Foamposite Pro Gucci would release and as you can see the rumor is true. Dressed in a white, gym red and gorge green color scheme. The Foamposite material gets treated to white while red and green hints are seen throughout. Other details include a carbon fiber plate and gum outsole.A release date for the Nike Foamposite Pro ‘White Gucci’ will happen at Nike Sportswear accounts on October 9th, 2015 with an expected retail price of $230.
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Girls Jordans 2017 to the NBA playoffs, the major sports shoes manufacturers began to release new shoes, jordan brand in the NBA playoffs before the release of the latest boots ultra fly, this shoe by the Bulls star Jimmy Bartlett endorsement. Wearing the shoes and there are other spokesmen of the Spurs of Aldridge.Have to say that the new shoes used in the new technology can be described as JORDAN for the first time. Also highlights the JORDAN brand of this shoe fancy.Jordan Ultra Fly market price of 1099, the price of a treasure in the 650-800 range. From the shoes and the actual situation, Jordan Ultra Fly is a pair of good cost-effective combat basketball shoes.
Cheap Jordan 11 feeling overall comfort-based, weak support, the front palm feedback is good, low weight shoes, parcel first-class, breathable in general. In the end of a higher performance, resistance to surgery in general. If you want to know how this pair of shoes in actual combat expression, please open the video!As early as the All-Star weekend has been the identity of the exclusive appearance of Jordan Jordan Ultra.Fly finally ushered in the official release, Jordan Brand today officially brought this pair of new combat performance shoes, and the Bulls Butler as the first Spokesperson main push this new product.
Latest Jordans 2017 to the help of the shoe body design, with a trace of familiar visual experience, and the upper material is this Ultra.Fly the biggest bright spot, with the LeBron 13 Elite Kurim Cage grid material, not only provides a good Combat performance, delicate and unique texture visual experience, but also created a despair of immersive.Butler will be in the near future in the game, and April 2 will usher in a formal market, the offer price of $ 125.With the nba playoffs fiery, Aldridge did not lead the Spurs across the thunder of the mountain, his feet this pair of ultra fly also ended the playoffs. Ultra fly owner Jimmy Butler did not enter the playoffs.
WJ1997 Mar 10 '17 · Tags: usa
Girls Jordans 2017 is approaching, every game for the team are very critical, at the same time, the sports brand also provides players with better products, hoping to provide a higher level of performance, to cope with the upcoming intense competition The Over the past two years, NIKE BASKETBALL will launch ELITE series of basketball shoes, and JORDAN BRAND mostly for the players to provide special color, except CP3 series has changed; this year JORDAN BRAND is no longer simply for the shoes to launch a new color, but focus Improve the vamps on CP3.VII and SUPER.FLY 2 to prepare for the upcoming playoffs.The shoes of this test are sold in Greater China JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2 PO X, marked with XDR material soles, and thus more difficult for different versions of the size to distinguish.
 Cheap Jordan 11  has been launched for some time, all aspects of the performance are very average, evaluation quite satisfactory, there are still many can be improved; and for the playoffs prepared version called JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2 PO X, PO that PLAYOFF abbreviation, X is the abbreviation of XDR material. The whole pair of shoes based on SUPER.FLY 2, the design is still around Blake Griffin "High-Flying" style, with FLIGHTPLATE technology, shape retains the previous contours, but the upper configuration is quite large and also the most important change. The upper to HYPERFUSE structure formed in the shoe with the hole in the area of artificial leather and reflective materials, maintaining the HYPERFUSE material tenacity.
Latest Jordans 2017 reducing the buckling when the discomfort; Unfortunately, the improved design is not for the upper Plus more breathable, breathable effect is still disappointing.The first time to wear JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2 PO X, brought the first feeling is the upper very paste service, and even a little oppressive, especially before the soles of the feet position is more obvious, this situation and SUPER.FLY 2 no different; Carefully compare the two shoes, it is easy to find JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2 PO X than SUPER.FLY 2 more than a shoe hole, which is mainly in line with DYNAMIC FLIWIRE settings, may affect the overall comfort; A hole, but the lace length and not so lengthened, so wear all the shoes after the hole, there is more difficult to knot the situation.
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