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The Cedar in the southwest of Côte d'Ivoire is famous for its solid basic skills and excellent ball possession. When he was eight years old, he played for the local club, and in an interview with French magazine Le Point, he said: "The way to train players in Africa is very special. Wait until a certain level, we barefoot this means that we have More contact, so before we wear shoes, our technology is too hard.

In such a oppressive midfield and back pressure midfielder more and more important times, with such a cool and will not get in trouble players will be a great reinforcement of the team. When Moussa Tengbai throws off the opponent who wants to steal the ball in front of Tottenham, he passes the ball to a teammate who can find a defensive loophole and pulls his own defensive player out of the gap.

Arsenal also have their own one-on-one expert - Cazorla. But the Spaniards suffered from injuries had to stay away from the stadium. Zacha finally in the last season to adapt to their role, especially in the team after playing 3421 lineup. But the Swiss is a completely different type of player. Zaka is more stable, less flexible, he is more time to sit back and forth instead of the ball forward.

When Kasola is healthy and able to play, the gunmen show how smooth they can play. Sanchez top position to the striker, Ozil flexible post moves and Iwoobi and Walcott flew in two ways.

Opponents do not even know where to stop these offensive players. And the absence of Cazorla makes the lineup can not continue to use, and finally had to give up this tactic. In the Arsenal array, no one can play like the third brother. Wilshere was bullish to grow into this type of player, but also plagued by long illnesses and did not seize the opportunity to prove himself.

Seri can fill the vacancy, he has all the conditions. In Nice, he is also able to inspire the team's offensive potential from the backcourt. Last season, he ranked fourth in the five major European league manufacturing opportunities, only behind Messi, De Boulogne and Dimaliya. His excellent passing field of vision is like Rakazet this striker players need. 35 million pounds, Arsenal can luxury to ask what? And with this money will be able to activate this day in the release of Cypriot. He does not need to be the next Harvey, but the price can buy a ready-made substitute of Cassola and Wilshire, I am afraid for the stingy professor, it can be considered pick up the big cheap.



Manchester United's left channel is this summer Mourinho hope to improve the key link, but they introduced Percy's plan but eventually failed. "Daily Mirror" revealed that Manchester United ready to buy Tottenham left-back Danny - Ross, once the success of the transfer of the three lions Legion members, Tottenham face the main fly Fong was Manchester City hugs dug dilemma. Danny Rose is 27 years old and is in the golden age of his career. He is on the left side of the assists ability, while the defensive ability is also very tough, Tottenham 3421 system is the main left wing position candidates. But because of knee injury, Rose missed the last stage of the game last season.

Manchester United had to buy Percy West failed, Mourinho will be aimed at Ross. In the eyes of Mourinho, Ross can do any position on the left channel. If the evolutions three guards, he will be the best left wing wing candidates. And if you continue to four guard system, Ross's comprehensive ability is also stronger than Luke - Shaw, Brind and other existing candidates.

Let Deng Beilei continue in the special training level, next summer and then sign him. After which he will be more likely to be convinced to join the team, after all, his compatriot friends Muba Pei has been playing in the Nou Camp, will be a few words. What's more, it's not easy to sign up now. As Wenger points out, everyone knows that Barcelona has money and wants to spend it. Want to sign any one of the players did not express the price tag, Barcelona because of huge amounts of money, it is likely to need to report higher prices than other clubs. But if they wait a year, wait until the transfer market is reset, then maybe they will get a more reasonable price Dengbei Lai. Perhaps 100 million euros or less.

For Manchester United, the biggest problem is not the transfer fee, but Rose's knee injury. Prior to Luke - Xiao and others caused the long-term injury, Manchester United has suffered. So whether Ross can fully recover to meet the challenges of the new season, is the most concerned about Manchester United.

With the battle of Santos, Nei Maer has been famous all over the world, but after all, is still young, categorically called the leader. 2013 summer shift to Barcelona, ​​the mountain can not be two tigers, Messi reign, Nei Maer had to green when the green leaves. However, in the last season, Barcelona's most Guards game, Nei Maer back to the absolute protagonist. Nou Camp crazy reversal of the big Paris war, the end of the game Mali first free kick directly break, and in the first 90 minutes to withstand the huge pressure penalty penalty - the goal of the Messi choose to stand on the side of the crowd. This Champions League knockout to the second stage of the battle, the less and sent a wonderful pick, so Sergei Roberto complete a fatal blow. It can be said that the game, Nei Maer's performance completely over Messi. However, after the game appeared in the major newspapers on the front page of the characters or Messi. This is one of the reasons why Nei Maer decided to leave Nou Camp this summer.

Brazil national team, the less is the first person doing my part. 2013 Confederations Cup, he threatened, a field playing face outside, led his team final 3 to 0 will be kicked to the throne of Spain. Brazil World Cup, Nemal performance is commendable. 1 to 7 semi-final by the German massacre, Nei Maer injury, it is difficult to say that in the end is the Brazilian regret, or less lucky. Although the field performance is remarkable, but even less leadership in the Brazilian team have been questioned, but was once the line off the captain armband. Although this is not better than the past, Nei Maer is growing, but before the training field anger Barcelona teammate Semipalo's scene or people can not produce any positive impression. And in Paris so full of temptations of the metropolis, living in the honey jar of Nei Maer will not be lost in the Opposite? Brazilian talented players, such negative cases can be too numerous to mention, not to mention less than fuel-efficient lights.

Help the team in the Champions League to achieve good results or less to achieve personal honor to break through the necessary conditions. As the Champions League, the French founder of the Golden Globe in more than 60 sessions, only one winner from the French. 1991 Marseille won the Champions League runner-up, the European preliminaries in France is the group match victory, which makes a generation of God Papan won the gold ball return Papan naturally is outside the day will continue to be used and Nemal to compare the template. The French before the international in 1990 to 1992 to complete the Champions League gold boots 3 even Zhuang, 1988 to 1992 during the period is to complete the French gold boots 5 even Zhuang - 4 years after he led the Marseille to achieve the league 4 consecutive years.

European Super Cup imminent, Champions League Real Madrid against the European Cup winner Manchester United. Real Madrid coach Zidane before the UEFA official interview, he said the new season goal is the Champions League three consecutive years.

Real Madrid last season, a great success, got the La Liga and Champions League champions, but also a historic defending the Champions League. For the new season's goal, Zidane said the team to impact the Champions League three consecutive championship: "This will not be easy, but this is our goal, we will fight for it, will go all out for three consecutive." Hlefi denied that Paris Saint-Germain had signed Nemal in order to repay Barcelona's "seduce" the action of Villati: "There is no connection between the two, as I said, we signed Nemal because he was The best players in the world, not for revenge on Barcelona. Instead, we respect the highs and fans of Barcelona.

So how to encourage the Real Madrid stars to get many honors are still full of power? "Real Madrid is a team full of hunger, and we will try our best to achieve the success of last season, High morale, have more hunger to win the championship.

"This is the first trophy we can get in the new season, and I know the importance of it, and I know the importance of this game," said Zidane, who is the first challenge of Real Madrid in the new season. We are ready for this.We have a good lineup, will go all out.We are Real Madrid, we always want to get more.


Despite Liverpool's interest in Keita this summer, Leipzig has always refused to reject Kaita, and this has rejected a quotation of up to £ 66 million from Liverpool.

Leipzig coach Hassan Hurt also listed the tower as an indispensable player in his lineup, so Liverpool had to temporarily stop the pursuit of the 22-year-old star. While Lonnieck confirmed that Keita would still play for Leipzig next season, he admitted that it was very difficult to persuade the players to renew, and that the current contract for Kaita would expire in 2020.

"I do not think we can easily renew the contract with the players, but I'm sure Keita's new season will be a member of the team, and everything else will depend on our new season," Lennyick said. And Keita himself. "

Last season as the Bundesliga newly promoted Leipzig blockbuster, and ultimately to the Bundesliga runner-up lock the Champions League qualification. In order to be able to show in the Champions League, Leipzig is not willing to lose Keita this painstaking efforts for many years the core players. In this regard, Lonnieke stressed: "Whether it is 67 million or 90 million pounds, this is not a matter of money, but we can not team in the history of the first Champions League game before we lost the best players." As a new army Leipzig wants more success than money.

Liverpool has signed three players this summer. Get free agent from Chelsea Suolanke, spend 8 million pounds from Hull City signed Robertson, the only commendable is the ho throwing 39 million pounds from Serie A to the introduction of the Egyptian star Sarah. It is clear that Clop still need to strengthen the new season team lineup, especially when the team attack the core of Kutiniao is still not clear future. In the new season can not get Nabi Keita case, Clop must seize the time to pursue other attack players in order to maintain the new season in the competitive.


Nei Maer told Barcelona want to leave the team, the broker said Paris will pay 222 million euros for Neumer this week to pay the money. Gleeszmann is considered to be a popular candidate to take over Nemal, but according to "Aspen" news, Barcelona President Bartomev has not signed this summer, Gloucesterman. Gleeszmann this summer wanted to leave the horse to Manchester United play, but because the International Sports Arbitration Court to prohibit Atom this summer signings, Gleeszman also gave up the idea of ​​the transfer and with the equestrian renewal. It is reported that if Barcelona wants to dig out of this Greygzmann in the summer, it would have to pay 200 million euros in the solution of the gold, only to wait until September 1 after the transfer window closed, Gleeszman's settlement will be reduced to 100 million EUR.

Although the sale of Nei Maer will be in exchange for 225 million of the huge amount of money, but this summer to spend 200 million to buy Graceman also offended at the same time, Barcelona does not want to do such a loss trading. It is reported that Atletico Madrid CEO Marin told Barcelona, ​​bedclubs this summer can not signings, if the loss of Gleeszmann impact will be very large. Bartomev also made a guarantee: Barcelona will not activate Gleeszmann's terms in the summer. Bato Meyu did not want to undermine the good relationship between Barcelona and Atletico, and Atletico also grateful to the President of Barcelona in good faith. However, due to the September 1 after the Grelezman's breach of contract will be reduced to 100 million euros, next summer Gleeszman may receive a number of club offer, but at least in the summer, Barto Meyer promised not Will take him to Nou Camp.


Recently, Tottenham coach Bocetino talked about Chelsea's new aid Mora Tata, bluntly sent a invitation to the Spanish center, but Mora was afraid to compete with Kane, worried about sitting on a cold bench, rejected the North London The invitation of the club.

Bochetino talked about this thing, but also from Chelsea coach Conti talked about Kane said, when the Italians regardless of Mora face, bluntly want to sign the striker is Kane. So, Mora tower has been outside the "nuisance", also mentioned in the interview Bocetino and Kane. In this case, Bocetino gave Mora "fatal blow", bluntly coach Tottenham, had sent an invitation to Mora Tata, but he worried to Kane as a substitute, refused to join. However, this phone is not recently played, but the first time to leave Real Madrid Mora time.

"Moratta talked about me in front of the media, and he said that I had called him before that, which was the beginning of the matter, probably two years ago or earlier. When we talked, Mora Asked me: 'Since you have Harry - Kane, why do you want to join me?' "Tottenham coach Bochetino recalls, bluntly have Kane, and then want to sign a good striker is very difficult," Do you know? If I want to sign a striker, they will tell me, 'Why do you want me? Do you want me to sit on the bench? Your team has Kane, I do not want to compete with Kane.' It 's a very difficult thing to join a good player and get a bench.

Now, two or three years later, Mora La is not the original that had just left the Sentimental juvenile Real Madrid, Juventus and return to Real Madrid under the tempered, the Spaniards have become a world-class center last season to help Galaxy warships won four Tournament trophies, including La Liga and Champions League two crowns. This summer, Mora to 65 million pounds to join Chelsea, the new season he will have the opportunity to compete with Kane.


Last season quite disappointed Joao Mario after the match, "Spalletti is a great coach, it is not polite, and with him I can feel their own promotion." Play and create each player the largest Potential, is Spalletti's strengths, perhaps at some critical moment will fall chains, but such a coach may be unlikely to invest in the case of large-scale the best choice.

Juventus coach Allegri evaluation of the new season five teams title, count the Inter Milan, in addition to little change in lineup, more stable this factor, the more is to consider the factors of Spalletti. But Inter Milan is also very clear, executives and coaches and players are not going to talk about winning the goal, meaningless, seize the opportunity to reach the top four to get the Champions League seats this is the task must be completed.

As for the transfer market, Spalletti slightly disappointed, but not too reluctant to leave Candelva and Perry surprises such a distinctive player may be the best "acquisition." Barrero and Stirrenier in the backcourt to add, can be considered targeted reinforcement, Nice Dahl Belt is also better to improve the sidewalk, the other, Inter Milan fans do not have to consider too much. Bidar It sounds beautiful, but the difficulty is too large, and in Rome just completed the renewal of the Na Ying Golan, are violent type of front waist on behalf of, Spalletti really want, but if not, bald coach may be Like "a break brother" as scratching his head and then invented a transformation of it.

In short, through the summer tour, Inter Milan fans at least a little satisfied, that is, the summer strongest "signings" in fact, "the most array", and that is Spalletti, his ability to control the team, called first-class , The rest to see the club can give him how much more ingredients.


Paris signed Nemal has entered the final stage, from the "Daily Sport newspaper" news that Nei Maer will fly to Doha to accept physical examination, and that is the President of Paris, Al Hlefeld's base camp, Al Halei Fei also personally confirmed: Have confidence to sign Nei Maer. Although Nei Maer destroyed the contract up to 222 million euros, but in Paris, as long as you can dig this name of the Brazilian king, and then the high cost is also at the expense. As for the Barcelona side, after much persuasion, the Nou Camp has finally admitted that they can not stop the Brazilian people to leave the team. And Paris President Al Halelei also personally confirmed that the negotiations with Nei Maer progress smoothly, according to the report of the French sports in France, in the internal meeting of Paris, Al Halei Fei said to other high-level: "Nemal transfer negotiations progress smoothly I am very confident. "

The news from Qatar also said that Nemal will be in the Qatar capital Doha physical examination, Al Halei Fei was previously a tennis player, Doha is also his base camp, to Doha physical examination is clearly more convenient than other places.

At the same time, La Liga President Tebas continued to threaten to draw Paris to dig Nei Maer, even if Paris did not pay through the payment of the form of payment to buy Nemal. "Even if they do not pay the breach, we will tell them that they can not use some commercial compensation as an alternative, it will not be more important than Barcelona or Real Madrid, no one believes this, it means that the Qatar country is injecting Capital, undermine the financial fair competition.



Kutiniao is the midfielder of Liverpool, the Red Army, his importance is self-evident. But Barcelona is facing the possibility of losing Nemal, Kutiniao seems to be determined, and last season has not ended, Barcelona came to want to sign the news of Kudiniao.

"Daily Sport newspaper" said the summer Kudiniao will certainly become Barcelona's new players, from the Barcelona club internal news shows that Barcelona is very optimistic about signing Kutiniao, although the final transfer fee is not yet and Liverpool talk Properly. Barcelona believes that Kutiniao is a very needed player, Liverpool is now also interested in selling it, just want to get the best offer.

In addition, Kutiniao himself also want to leave Liverpool, which makes the Red Army had to express willing to listen to Barcelona's offer. Liverpool hopes to handle the transfer of Kutiniao as soon as possible so that the club can have more budget and time to operate in the transfer market in order to better prepare for the new season.

Barcelona has studied the possibility of signing Kutiniao, Kutiniao is willing to sign with Barcelona for five years, he believes that after joining Barcelona to win the championship outlook than stay in Liverpool optimistic, he can stay in the Nou Campion Field won more. Barcelona probably know the psychological price of Liverpool, hoping to finalize the transition in Nemal before Kudiniao's transfer. Barcelona believes that Kutiniao is a very creative midfielder, talented, can play multiple locations, to a certain extent, can replace the location of Nei Ma Er may leave the team.

Of course, Liverpool also know that Barcelona may be in Nemal after joining Paris to get more than 200 million euros transfer fee, so the asking price will not be low, Kudiniao's transfer fee will be between 70 million to 85 million euros. Taking into account the wishes of Kutiniao himself, Liverpool has lost patience to continue to persuade him to stay in the team.

At the same time, Barcelona will continue to pursue the Guangzhou Evergrande midfielder Paulini, Brazil's lower back hardness is the lack of Barcelona, ​​the next few weeks the club will continue to promote the transfer negotiations. But Barcelona is not in a hurry, perhaps at the end of August.


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