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Play beads

1, before going to play safety and health education of children. Second, three-year-olds are curious about everything. They like to put their toys in their mouths, 'try them out.' Or stuff their nostrils in their mouths and smell them. Before they can play beaded, they must be taught: beaded Play, can not beaded into his mouth, stuffed into the nose and ears, or is very dangerous 2, Mom and Dad beaded and beaded rope selection. Mom and Dad can bvlgari rings online shop imitation provide bvlgari rings online shop replica different colors, different shapes, different sizes of beads to children. Choose some volume at the beginning, large hole, bright color, more flat beaded. Hadron should be used initially should be hard, such as glass rope, thin nylon rope, lace and so on. The length of the rope should also be appropriate, not too long. When the child masters the correct method and skill, then use beads of small holes, color, volume, shape, size of beads to the children string, the rope is also a little soft, the difficulty can also increase some 3, to teach children to learn the correct Bead method. Mom and Dad string beaded into various toys such as fake bvlgari ring size 'collar', 'bracelet', 'sun' and so on, in order to stimulate children's interest in beaded and hands-on desire, when children have such a desire, Mom and Dad can use the demonstration Explain ways to teach children Beads 4, to follow the principle of easy to difficult, individualized. As for the weak children can be taught, but can not be arranged instead. Good grasp, string children can ask them not only to string together, but also a string of different tricks, such as the red, yellow and blue colors to wear fake mens bvlgari ring the order of intervals to wear, can also be round, flat , The order of the oval to wear, but also in large, medium and small order of spacing string and so on.

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