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You mean the end-game level quest with the worst cushioning ever released, a maze which takes an hour and buy RS gold a half to operate through, along with a last battle that many players struggle with? On replay the hour-and-a-half maze that is minimal can bypass. Not the conflicts though. Expecting individuals to want to unleash this quest was silly and can be a ridiculous thing to look at in terms of metrics for involvement with the idea of quest replayability. They'd most likely have seen more involvement In case it was a pursuit that were accessible.

Yeah the quest, notably that particular maze, was a whole lot of work. But there is a payoff that is massive, and it is what got me. The substantial 1.25M exp lamp it provides out. Additionally, it gives some skilling items. Being glued into that publication was a ton of work, although it seems like a ridiculous amount of xp. The payoff felt fucking amazing. Saved me hours on my grind to maxing. I'm thankful the most endgame pursuit, with far more rewards than any other, with shit a lot of prereq quests required fucking willpower to finish, and the endboss was challenging with a great deal of mechanics.

I really do wish that it unlocked a boss to not a quest and replay to replay. In addition you have to meet one of the coolest pieces of lore in RuneScape for completing it. I mean I never redid that quest because it left me livid that this questline's end was relegated into a maze. I haven't kept up with RS3 since maxing after Endgame.

I think a good deal of people would really take the time to love the questlines on quests. I spacebar all the quests except the ones that are fresh to OSRS, I received my questcape in actual RS back in the day so I already did them all! But a lot of the quests are stories and lots of humorous humour. Do not understand people that simply breeze the first time. I used to attempt and get through quests and quests were fun for me personally because I did not read any of the writing. Since I started playing on my ironman, I have begun paying more attention to quests, and a lot of them are so well written.

Therefore many hidden gems. I enjoy questing now! They are brilliant, I'm an old git today however, the quests are only as fun and there can be some funny dialog. You will find references in there I didn't understand when I was a child, iirc there's a Reservoir Dogs mention in Underground Pass such as which I certainly didn't pick up on if I going through it first time as a 10 year old... However, the story is great and old school rs gold I knew that from a young age, I was constantly obssessed with all the Zaroians since they had been so mysterious and strong.

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