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wow classic gold servers have a much greater population cap than servers from 2006. A server with a very low population has WOW players onto it compared to a high-profile failed in 2006. WOW players will also be more educated than they were in 2006. It is easier to get advice, and the quantity of information is astounding.

And what exactly does this mean, exactly? There are hundreds and hundreds of WOW players who wish to receive their hands on a lotus that was black, all bunched on a host coded to spawn black lotus each week, for a much smaller population that doesn't chug these potions. Botters are free to camp the black lotus spawns, which can be inactive, as we have already created. This has lead to lotus being overpriced. The user in question has been banned after using their gold to buy a supply of lotus.

They left two appeals prior to buy classic wow gold creating this post, and they were met with generic answers. They have since been unbanned, but only after obtaining a massive quantity of attention on networking. That is a trend that's become common. 

A user will be prohibited for seemingly no fantastic reason (motives range from buying black lotus to get considerable amounts of money, running programming software on their computer, giving gold to friends, and using the same name as a bank. No, I'm not kidding.) And all their appeals will be met with answers that are generic. Some users have been advised to quit appealing or their accounts will be closed.

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