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2captcha Bot App-How Does CAPTCHA Work And Why Captcha Is Used? from captcha by death's blog

You may have heard about the word CAPTCHA and it stands for the (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). It is a type of challenge or response tested by the websites to analyze if the user is a real user or a spam bot.  It is widely over the internet and you can see them while making a purchase, logging in, signup or posting a comment. They are used to make the website security stronger against spamming and hackers but they are quite annoying sometimes as well. Users may need to use the 2captcha bot appto solve the captcha because of Captcha being too hard to be solved. It is true that Captcha should be hard to be solved by bots but humans users may encounter problems with them as well and thus using the 2captcha bot becomes a necessity.

How Does CAPTCHA Work?

CAPTCHA technology is actually based on Turing tests where it is noticed that either the machines can think like humans or not. The reason to design Captcha is to design tests that should be hard enough so the computer would be unable to deal with it. It normally shows the distorted string of number and alpha bate that a human user can detect but a scrapping tool will not be able to read. Sometimes these tests are so hard that the use of 2captcha bot is completely necessary. Even the most sophisticated system that was designed to scan a picture or a page of printed text and to read words in the picture, then it will be hard for them to study or read the words when they are distorted. But as the AI is improving the captcha is becoming hard as well and this is why the use of 2captcha has gained popularity as well.

Why Captcha is Used?

As mentioned earlier, the Captcha is widely used as a security measure for the website to separate the human and machine users, it means that it provides security against the hacking and spamming attacks. The Captcha was designed to make sure that the website is dealing with the human users and no spam bots are on their websites as they can put too much data on websites in the form of comments, posts or malicious links that can even damage the website. This leads to using the 2captcha bot usage as they are pretty hard to solve for human users as well sometimes. If you think that the 2captcha bot app has reduced their effectiveness then mind that only real users will use services such as 2captcha because they want to continue what they usually do and spammers will definitely leave the website to look for other options.


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