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How about that which OSRS gold from NINGLING's blog

 Wan na return to 1k per law? Or 1k per shark? How about that which OSRS gold botable becomes insanely high priced, about gold ore getting over 700GP per year, or gold bars going upwards to 1k each, cosmic runes will go up aswell, natures... oh boy natures.Botters is an evil which needs to exist to create it for us legit gamers bareable.

Folks might say"oh afterward the legit players will be motivated to pick up these approaches... nope, because us legit players do not have anywhere near enough time to farm for 20+ hours a day.without that much time you won't make enough cash (PVM is going to be impacted since then the bots which make sara brews, food and other combat supplies will be outside aswell.IF you despise bots that much become an iron individual account, that way you don't even have to deal with bots influencing the Cheap Runescape gold GE.on a side note, nearly all stuff I do on OSRS, I have not seen many bots with the exception of possibly atmosphere orb charging or edgevill furnace.

The bonds can be sold across the community in various ways but that bond can't exist until someone invested IRL cash. 1 month of membership (that is 31 days) prices $10.99, so you're saving $2.99 buying a month of membership compared to someone is buying two bonds to sell for gold. Jagex earning more money from people buying two bonds to market on the GE than they can be buying a month of membership. Big Halloween Sale Use Code Halloween For 6% Off

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